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4 Tips to Rock a Virtual Interview

by | Oct 12, 2021

By now, the majority of people have participated in a meeting on Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype. If your team is not fully on board with virtual meetings, now is the time to take charge and set up a virtual meeting for your team so everyone can get up to speed on how it works. Most of us are already acclimated to virtual meeting settings. For both interviewers and candidates, virtual interviews are the new norm

Ready to take that next step in your career? Prepare for your next virtual interview by following these tips:

1. Study the Company

It’s common knowledge to learn about a company before you decide if it’s the right fit for you. Digging a little deeper into the company’s culture and values can provide a better understanding of the inner workings of the company. 

Go to the company’s website and read through their ‘About’ section. Study the history of the company and learn how they got their start. Understanding the background of the company can help guide your conversation in your virtual interview. Impress the employer by talking about your own personal values and how they align with the company. Not only will this help in your virtual interview, it will also help make your decision easier as you progress through the process.

For example, here at Capacity, we value serving our customers and providing amazing products for them. We offer artificial intelligence and automation solutions to help teams do their best work. A good talking point in a virtual interview with Capacity would be to discuss how technology, and workflows in particular, can help benefit a company. 

2. Come Prepared with Stories

The days leading up to your virtual interview can be anxiety-inducing. Calm your nerves and prepare for your interview by thinking about three different types of stories you can refer back to:

  1. A positive story to highlight your leadership skills
  2. A failure story to highlight your perseverance and professional growth
  3. A teamwork story to highlight your communication skills

Your preparation will help you think quickly when the interviewer asks a question such as, “Tell me about a time when…”. These stories should come naturally to you in conversation, but it would not hurt to jot down a few notes to help jog your memory. 

3. Be Aware of Non-Verbal Cues

Virtual interviews are the next best thing to meeting in person. Since you are communicating from a computer screen, it’s important to be mindful about your non-verbal cues and actions. 

When the interviewer is speaking, hold eye contact and show your interest by nodding to what they are saying. Similarly, try to make good eye contact with the interviewer while you are speaking. Maintaining good eye contact helps establish trust between you and the interviewer, and it helps you appear more confident. 

You can also practice active listening during your interview. Take in the information and ask follow-up questions pertaining to the topic. The interviewer will appreciate your willingness to learn and understand more about the position and company.  

4. Limit Distractions

During virtual interviews, distractions are inevitable. The majority of prospective employees participate in virtual interviews from their home, allowing interruptions and interference to be quite common.

Help limit distractions by taking some precautions before you turn your video on. Find a quiet space to hold your interview. You can also use noise-cancelling headphones to limit the background noise that is picked up on the speaker. Turn your phone on silent to ensure that the interviewer has your complete and undivided attention. 

We are in the digital age – Where AI, automation, and virtual interviews are here to stay. Help your team thrive by embracing new technologies.