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3 Reasons Every IT Department Needs to Modernize the Helpdesk

by | Apr 8, 2020

If you work within the information technology (IT) space, you’re probably aware of the issues we’re going to address here. If you’re not an IT professional, this blog will hopefully offer a comprehensive look at some common IT-related pain points—and some fantastic new tech tools to heal them.

From onboarding to repairing hardware, IT teams keep the heart of your business beating. Fully functional hardware and software systems can mean the difference between a competitive edge, and going bust. When a computer network crashes or there’s potential for data loss, it’s your IT staff that comes to the rescue.

It’s been said that the IT department enables your business to thrive. In this blog, we’ll explain how AI-powered helpdesk software enables your IT team to do the same. If reduced stress, workload, and troubleshooting wait times sound appealing, keep reading!

1. Talented IT pros shouldn’t spend time on FAQs.

While seasoned pros will tell you there’s no such thing as a “normal” day in IT, every org has its own merry-go-round of FAQs. As teammates take on new roles, change departments, or simply forget how to do something, the IT team is bogged down answering the same inquiries over and over.

A helpdesk system with the ability to take the user through a guided conversation offers answers to frequently asked questions. Through predesigned follow-up questions, users can self-diagnose their own IT issues, and follow a guided path to the solution.

Better still, Capacity’s guided conversation tool presents users with several information paths (we call them Chips) to follow. Based on their department, role, or technology, teammates select the Chip that best applies to their inquiry, and Capacity returns the most helpful answer to their question.

Automating tier-0 service not only liberates experienced IT teammates for more intensive projects, but it’s also a better all-around experience for users.

Pro tip:

Since not everyone in your org fully understands technical jargon, look for a helpdesk solution that features natural language processing (NLP). NLP empowers your helpdesk software to understand the intent behind user’s questions, and guides them to the most helpful information.

2. Disorganized service tickets are bad for everyone.

For busy IT teams, most days are a combination of scheduled activities and unscheduled emergencies. Whether the WiFi goes down or your CTO left her laptop at the airport, putting out organizational fires is an unavoidable reality.

This is why IT teams everywhere should be equipped with an AI-powered ticketing system. By empowering staff to easily sort, prioritize, and address inbound requests, chaos can be replaced by productivity.

But organization is only the beginning. Thanks to AI, helpdesk ticketing systems can pull information directly from connected applications, documents, spreadsheets, and webpages. This means your IT staff can instantly retrieve answers from anywhere in your knowledge base.

Pro tip:

Helpdesk systems with built-in user permission structures are the next evolution in knowledge security. Quickly customizable SSO, LDAP, and group & location-based permissions ensure teammates have access to the information they need—and nothing more.

3. IT staff shouldn’t be hard to access.

While automating common inquiries with guided conversations and NLP might feel like a miracle of tier-0 support, there are still plenty of scenarios that will call for a human touch. This is what makes helpdesk systems like Capacity with human-in-the-loop (HITL) technology a game-changer for IT teams in every industry.

When a user’s question can’t be answered automatically, it’s instantly rerouted to the ticketing system mentioned above. From there, your IT staff can see who asked it, when they asked, and the context of the inquiry itself. This additional insight makes it FAR easier to provide relevant, helpful information the first time.

After your IT team closes the ticket, their response is automatically recorded via machine learning. From that point on, every inbound ticket with the same solution will receive it automatically, and instantly.

Pro tip:

For next-level IT service, expert finder technology is a must. Made possible by AI, helpdesks with this tool in place use predesigned knowledge graphs to connect users with internal SMEs when questions call for an in-depth answer.

Help your IT team help you.

When your internal tech experts are empowered to be more productive and flexible, the entire organization reaps the benefits. Technology-driven bottlenecks are eliminated, and non-tech teammates are liberated to focus on the activities they were hired to do!