The Secret to Becoming a Superhero Support Agent

by | Mar 24, 2020

Support agents are the proverbial heroes of the modern enterprise. From customer satisfaction to IT troubleshooting, the service pros are charged with keeping clients happy and productivity buzzing. And as they say, with great power, comes great responsibility.

This is becoming particularly true as more weight is placed on internal and external experiences. Customers’ expectations are higher than ever, and the same can be said for employees. This means that support teams are faced with mounting pressure to go above-and-beyond the call of duty.

Some are clearly succeeding, others are clearly not.

So, why is it that some businesses stand above the rest in terms of support? Did a lab accident grant these service agents with powers to continually improve NPS and internal survey scores? Did a long-gone home planet infuse them with a heightened sense of empathy?

Assuming fate didn’t endow supernatural service powers, these teams are likely deploying advanced tech tools to deliver heroic employee and customer experiences. Whether you prefer Bale, Affleck, or Pattinson, that’s a scenario the Dark Knight would approve of.

While conversational bots are no secret, the cutting-edge functions made possible by AI and machine learning (ML) are still largely unknown. Support agents are delivering unmatched service in record times with said state-of-the-art solutions.

AI-enabled bots really are the Infinity Gems of the support agent world, and we’ll explain how below. But be forewarned, we’re far from done with superhero puns.

AI that would make Jarvis blush.

Just like Mr. Stark’s beloved AI assistant, conversational bots are empowering support staff to reach new heights of productivity. Far more evolved than rule-based bots, AI is making these autonomous agents more capable than science fiction movies would have us believe.

Advanced features like guided conversations and natural language processing (NLP) allow internal and external users alike to instantly find the information they need, even if they’re unsure what they’re looking for. Through a series of clarifying questions, human-in-the-loop (HITL) identifies and delivers the most helpful knowledge.

And users can converse with the bot in their everyday dialect, making the experience feel perfectly natural. This is thanks to NLP, which understands the intent and context behind each user’s words.

Perhaps most superhuman of all, these bots provide tier-0 support 24/7. Night or day, weekends and holidays, AI-powered support bots deliver knowledge and data to those who need it most.

Cerebro isn’t science fiction anymore.

Picture your support agents as Professor X-like super intellectuals with a machine that shares unlimited organizational knowledge. Thanks to AI and ML, this is actually the reality for teams in every industry. Through the aforementioned bot, support agents can quickly access crucial data, tacit knowledge, and so much more.

Enterprise search enables agents to mine thousands of applications, documents, and spreadsheets for instant knowledge. From medical benefits to tracking numbers, your agents will be empowered to answer nearly any question, and troubleshoot nearly any ticket.

On the occasion that your existing knowledge base can’t satisfy an inquiry, expert finder functionality reroutes the inquiry to an internal SME who can. But, their answer isn’t the end of it. Once your SME replies, ML adds their response to your org’s information repository for future users.

Software as a superpower.

While there’s no replacement for great support agents, conversational AI tools are the secret ingredient behind some of the best teams in the world. As customer-centric business models become the new norm, most of them will be built on the solutions discussed here.

If you’re ready to empower your support agents, simply cut-out a giant “C”, place it over a spotlight from the roof of your office, and we’ll come running.