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The Future is Automation and AI in Contact Centers

by | May 29, 2024

Automation and AI in Contact Centers are no longer a tech dream scenario. As industry pressures mount and customer expectations rise, AI and automation offer achievable solutions that will free up your team to do their best work. 

Whether you’re a skeptical AI newbie or an eager advocate, it’s tough to understand where to start and how to do more. 

The State of Contact Centers

Professionals in the Contact Center industry have been on a wild ride ever since 2020, when call volumes surged during the pandemic. Today, Contact Centers are still overburdened and understaffed; and there are no signs of volume slowing. 

Recent studies show nearly 6 in 10 customer care leaders expect call volumes to increase even more. To make matters worse, with surging call volume and a tight labor market, staff is difficult to find and retain. Nearly half of survey managers reported increased employee attrition over the past 12 months. High turnover creates training gaps that make it difficult for even committed staffers to deliver a high-quality customer experience. 

Customer Expectations are Changing 

Across sectors, customer expectations are evolving. Whether accessing shipping updates directly in their email inboxes or receiving custom-curated purchase suggestions on social media, customers expect more personalization than ever. 

As customer expectations continue to rise, Contact Centers must modernize to assure customer satisfaction and support their staff.

If you’re not already doubling-down on improving customer experience, you risk being left behind. It’s a safe bet that your competitors are investing in tools to build a better customer experience. 

We get it… it can feel impossible to focus on improving customer experience when you’re buried by call volume and struggling to keep staff on-board. But there’s a better way. 

AI in Contact Centers

The future lies at the intersection of human support and tech-enabled automation. AI in Contact Centers can free up your team to do their best work, solve your volume challenges, and ultimately, improve customer experience. 

While AI is certainly a buzzy topic, its future is bright for Contact Centers. Many are already using some forms of AI and automation in their everyday practices, but most have only scratched the surface. If you’re using an AI-powered chatbot, you’re off to a great start. Moving forward, to stay ahead of the competition, it’s time to do more. 

To succeed in delivering superior customer experiences, Contact Centers must adopt new technologies that enable agents to do more complex work. Those who integrate AI in Contact Centers and use omnichannel solutions will rise above the competition. 

So, where do AI and automation come in? At Capacity, our technology powers three critical strategies to improve customer experience. Read more about all three in our latest guidebook, “The Future of AI in Contact Centers.”

The Future of AI for Contact Centers