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Procure and source the best value with AI-powered support.

With an artificially intelligent knowledge sharing platform, acquiring, onboarding, and retaining vendors will never be the same.

a sourcing and procurement professional surrounded by application icons
An illustration that shows capacity specifying a question about a standard request form

You might even begin to enjoy RFPs.

Large enterprises receive hundreds of RFPs each and every quarter. Many of the responses include answers to the same repeat questions.

With Capacity, simply upload your standard question-answer pairs in the AI-assisted knowledge base. When everyone in the org is empowered with instant, 24/7 access to approved responses, you’ll be turning out more accurate RFPs, faster than ever.

illustration of the capacity knowledge base and the apps it can connect to

Everything and everyone, all in one place.

If you’re in the business of building amazing products, then you’re in the business of a lot of moving parts. Keeping tabs on your vendors, where each of them falls in the process, and all of their associated information is no easy task.

Whether you track it in a spreadsheet, CRM, or in a bunch of scattered documents, Capacity will connect to it all. You’ll always know who you’re paying and what you’re paying them for.

Capacity knows how to share your know-how.

How many times have you answered the same questions about the same vendors, the same goods, the same contracts—should we go on? Rather than regurgitating that information, upload every one of those frequently asked questions into Capacity’s knowledge base.

And don’t worry, Capacity was built for the enterprise. So, no matter how many departments you have and no matter how many varying levels of access they each necessitate, our fully extensible knowledge base can be configured to fit your org and processes.

An illustration that shows non-conventional questions that could only be answered by individuals across the organization