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Say hello to Capacity: more than an AI chatbot

by | Aug 21, 2019

The secure, AI-powered knowledge sharing platform designed to help teams do their best work.

Today is an exciting day. I’m thrilled to announce that we raised $13.2 million for our Series B financing round, and we have now officially rebranded from Jane.ai to Capacity. When we founded Jane.ai in 2017, we set out to make all company intelligence accessible in the simplest way possible, through an intuitive chat experience. Since then, Jane.ai has been making all kinds of teams more productive and successful in a variety of ways, such as making information buried in FinServ compliance and HR documents accessible in seconds, increasing website leads threefold, and saving users hours a week.

As we’ve grown, it became apparent that we needed a new identity, one that more closely aligned with our mission of helping teams do their best work. Jane was a virtual teammate, and the name highlighted who we were—the anti-Siri, the anti-Alexa, the anti-Cortana. “The Joy of Accessing Nearly Everything” perfectly articulated where our product was in that moment. However, Jane.ai didn’t capture the vision of where we are headed and what we ultimately want to achieve for our clients.

Capacity does.

Capacity is a secure, AI-native knowledge sharing platform.

We chose the name Capacity because we firmly believe that the more organizations share and leverage their knowledge, the greater capacity their teams will have to do outstanding work. In fact, before we officially settled on the name, a sales prospect even remarked to me, “So, you’re saying this could increase my team’s capacity?” I took that as a good sign that we were headed in the right direction.

After all, today’s teams are strapped. The sheer volume of knowledge in the workplace and the number of places that knowledge is stored keeps expanding exponentially. This results in the average employee spending two hours each day just looking for information. It then takes them more than 23 minutes to refocus and get back to the task at hand—after each interruption. Companies continue to pour money into tools to streamline this process, but that’s only resulted in more scattered systems and databases, reduced capacity, poor engagement and diminished overall satisfaction. At the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution, it should not be this hard to find the knowledge we need to excel in our work.

Plus, the average AI chatbot isn’t very helpful. Low deflection rates and finicky integrations mean there’s a lack of trust and user engagement in most tools. But we built our AI chatbot from the ground up with deflections and integrations as top priorities.

So: introducing Capacity.

Capacity captures tacit knowledge, mines documents and spreadsheets, and connects to more than 50 of today’s most popular workplace applications and platforms. It’s much more than AI chatbot: it’s a platform.

So, stop aimlessly searching your inbox for an answer in a long-lost email thread. Stop interrogating your colleagues in an attempt to track down which spreadsheet has the updated sales metrics.

Just ask Capacity.

The road to rebrand.

Beyond the name change, we’re also eager to reveal our new logo. You might notice that it’s reminiscent of a superhero’s crest. We want to empower our clients to be the superheroes of their organizations. The logo is three-dimensional to powerfully communicate the limitless capacity of teams to do great work. We also consciously chose blue—commonly known as the most trustworthy color—because security is important to our clients and to us. We’re GDPR, CCPA and SOC 2 compliant, and we never share our customers’ data with third parties.

Capacity Logo

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur, it’s that defying conventional wisdom can be a good thing. With both funding rounds, we took a decidedly anti-Silicon Valley approach. We prioritized local and regional investors who share our vision and Midwestern pragmatism, instead of relying on the big players on the coasts. In fact, 88.7% of our funding came from the Midwest. Series B Fundraise

This funding round wouldn’t have been possible without the power of our team’s network. We banded together and launched a company-wide competition to see who could bring in the most investors. To that end, we placed the large whiteboard thermometer pictured above in the conference area. To say that it worked is an understatement. The round was oversubscribed. Many of our Series A investors were excited to participate again, and we have a group of brand new investors who are now part of the Capacity family.

We’d like to thank all of our customers, our team, our investors and our partners for bringing us where we are today.

Here’s to the next phase of our journey. Here’s to increasing your team’s capacity to do great work.

Want to see the Capacity Platform in action? Request a demo here and our team will be in touch.