Virtually Robotic

Ready to complete tasks in a fraction of the time? RPA can help you automate processes and speed up projects so you can make faster, more accurate business decisions.

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RPA + Workflows = Happy Teams

Pairing RPA with workflows creates more productive teams. RPA gathers information from your third-party systems, then uses that data in an automated workflow. 

All of this information can be used to send automated emails to customers or added to a database.

Data in, data out

Use RPA to automate processes, workflows, download files from SaaS services and more. For example, RPA could open a browser, navigate to a website, login, click a link, download a file, then upload to a database, without a human ever touching a keyboard or mouse.

Automate with Javascript

Older software services lacking an API present the challenge of getting data in and out. RPA uses javascript to mimic manual processes to automatically find data, extract it, freeing your team up to spend time on more important things.

No API, No Problem

Your team can instruct RPA to help automate gathering info from third-party systems. Make decisions faster, remove manual frustrations without having to migrate to a new system, and give yourself the power of an API.