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Streamline Your Business with (Conversational) AI Webinar

by | Jun 1, 2022

It’s 2022. People are accustomed to receiving instant information and support at both home and work. To keep up with these rising expectations, support teams are overwhelmed by tickets, emails, phone calls, and repetitive tasks. Employees are frustrated, uninspired, and burnt out from monotonous work and constant shoulder taps. This ultimately leads to employee satisfaction and productivity decreases as team members lose interest, and along with it goes customer satisfaction and retention.

Sound familiar?

Instead of employees wasting time on frequently asked questions and repetitive processes, they should spend their time on strategic work, escalations that require human thinking, and tasks that can’t be automated.

Artificial intelligence and automation are radically transforming the modern workplace. David Karandish, CEO and founder of Capacity discusses how using AI and automation to answer questions, automate repetitive tasks, and build solutions to business challenges is changing the workplace.

In this webinar, David discusses:

  • How automation and AI are evolving in the workplace
  • How automation can help employees focus on higher level tasks
  • Successful use cases of companies employing AI software