Forging Deeper Connections with Students During Uncertain Times

Higher ed institutions throughout the US have missioned their entire faculty and staff with retaining a greater percentage of their students. Yet, departments and teams are facing an influx of emails and direct messages from students and students’ families about basic information as colleges implement pivot after pivot to address COVID-19 and the Delta variant, making it difficult to create connections with incoming students.

Explore strategies and ways that institutions of all sizes and levels of technology sophistication can implement and benefit from digital life coaches, 24/7/365 student support, and automated workflows to attract, retain, and engage students. Join Brian Merkel, director of Enterprise Learning Technology at Maryville University, and David Karandish, founder and CEO of Capacity, as they discuss how Maryville successfully implemented an automated platform that helped them build the necessary bandwidth and touchpoints to positively impact student success.

Watch the webinar to discover: 

  • Emerging ways higher ed teams are using technology to answer questions, automate repetitive support tasks, and build solutions to meet the challenges that the pandemic continues to present. 
  • The types of institutions that have fared well with these updated processes and tools and the ways in which they have gotten started.
  • Tips and secrets to successfully purchasing and launching these platforms across an institution.

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