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Practical AI: The Capacity for Good, Episode 2

by | Aug 11, 2023

In this episode of Practical AI: The Capacity for Good, Dan Gingiss, Chief Experience Officer at The Experience Maker, joins James Diel to answer questions about B2B customer experience, including the impact of AI-automated customer support on the B2B experience.

Dan is a renowned keynote speaker, accomplished author, and recognized authority in the fields of customer experience and customer service. With over twenty years of expertise in marketing and customer experience, he empowers organizations to gain a competitive edge through exceptional CX. In 2023, CX Network acknowledged him as one of the top influencers in customer experience worth following.

Before his current venture, known as The Experience Maker, Dan held prominent positions such as Vice President of Customer Success and Marketing at Persado, Head of Digital Marketing at Humana, and Senior Director of Global Social Media at McDonald’s.

Beyond his speaking engagements and professional roles, Dan is also a distinguished author, having written the book “The Experience Maker,” which delves into the intricacies of customer experience. Additionally, he co-hosts The Experience This! Show, further demonstrating his passion for educating and entertaining audiences in the realm of CX.