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Compass: CX Effect 2023

by | May 31, 2023

Join the Capacity team in Chicago for the 2023 CX Effect Strategy Conference!

About the event

Negotiating high customer expectations while reducing costs and growing revenue: That’s the challenge of business today. For the brave, it’s a big adventure that requires three things: a fundamental mindshift, essential technology, and proven practices to manage change. ​

​Get outfitted with all three at Compass, an invitation-only strategy conference for senior leaders June 11-13, 2023, at Chicago’s 21c Museum Hotel. ​

​Join a select group of 24 peers in financial services, healthcare, retail, tech, and other industries in conversation with founders of the eight most innovative solutions in customer experience, all convened by CX Effect, the nation’s leading technology outfitter for Agile CX. ​

​Scout the landscape of emerging trends and solutions in generative AI, automation, and analytics. And create a map for organizational change and market success. ​