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Streamline operations with an AI-powered helpdesk.

OPS and AI: a match made for efficiency.

An operations professional surrounded by application icons
an illustration of a conversation between an account user and Capacity that demonstrates the quality of answers.

Know metrics, not interfaces.

Making sure the entire org has access to and understands mission-critical metrics is vital to OPS success. But the chance of everyone on your team learning some newfangled, complex interface is slim, regardless of how important the information may be.

Capacity delivers crucial metrics in an intuitive and user-friendly way whenever your team asks for them. And if anyone needs clarification, they can ask follow-up questions for deeper understanding.

an abstract illustration of the ability to create to-do lists in the capacity knowledge sharing platform

Step out of the routine and into innovation.

Repeatable processes are excellent for facilitating repetitive tasks correctly and efficiently, but when humans do the same thing over and over again, innovation meets a dead end.

Capacity doesn’t get uninspired, it doesn’t get bored. It’s here to do what your team doesn’t want to do, so your team can do what it can’t—handle the human situations that demand human creativity and empathy.

Out-of-the-box innovation.

Still waiting for the OPS of tomorrow? It’s here today, ready to revolutionize your organization with efficiency breakthroughs and maximized productivity.

With 40+ state-of-the-art AI and ML algorithms, the use cases for your unique processes are nearly limitless. Whether expediting facilities requests, handling routine support requests, or automating information relay to other systems, Capacity will usher your business into the future, today.

an abstract illustration of the capacity knowledge sharing platform connecting with employees and applications