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Meet the New Faces At Capacity

by | Oct 28, 2021

Say hello to the new faces at Capacity! At Capacity, we love to properly welcome our team members and celebrate them at every opportunity, even in a remote work environment.

Meet Sanjeev Kumar, Senior Developer; Robin Jun, CSE; Kapil Lamichhane, Senior Developer; Ishita Patel, Developer; and Grace Xiong, Developer. We want to make sure our newest team members feel as welcome as possible even if we don’t see them every day in person. If you’re reading this article, do us a favor and give them a shout via LinkedIn! We asked our newest team members a few questions as they get settled into their new roles:

What brought you to Capacity?

Here at Capacity, we pride ourselves on having a fun, supportive culture. Being a startup, Capacity has rapidly grown in the past several years. We are always looking ahead to see what we can achieve next. 

Kapil and Sanjeev both joined Capacity for the fast-moving, cutting-edge work. From advances in AI and machine learning to expanding the team, opportunities are abundant at Capacity. Ishita shared her thoughts about the success and growth of Capacity: “I always wanted to be a part of a startup company that sees the future, and works in different AI platforms.” 

Expanding the Capacity team is exciting, especially when current and past team members share Capacity opportunities within their network. Robin explains how her journey started through the LaunchCode CoderGirl program, where she met current Capacity team members Danielle Spencer, Software Engineer, and Mariah Lightfoot, Software Engineer. “I met two lovely ladies in the program, and they were kind enough to think of me when some positions opened up, and encouraged me to apply,” said Robin. “When I learned more about the company and spoke to the employees here, I was sold.”

Networking and referrals are some of the best ways to start at a new company. Grace heard about an opening at Capacity from her friend, Martin Cheng, Software Engineer. “Martin kept telling me how great the company culture is, and how amazing it is to work with people here,” explained Grace. “So, I started to look forward to working in a company like Capacity, and finally, this July my dream came true!”

What did you do before joining the team?

From recent graduates to seasoned veterans, Capacity’s team is built from many different backgrounds. With fresh perspectives and new ideas, we can approach our customers with unique solutions.

Prior to joining Capacity, Sanjeev spent 20 years in software development, ranging from small startups to larger organizations. Robin started her professional career in publishing, but decided to switch gears and turn to software engineering. Kapil worked as a full-stack engineer and has experience with multiple programming languages and frameworks.

Ishita spent the past 5 years working as a Python developer in various industries such as banking and software development. Last but not least, Grace just recently graduated with her Masters in Information System Management from Washington University in St. Louis this past May.

What are you most excited to work on in your new position?

With new roles and teammates comes new responsibilities and projects! We are very excited to see what our new team members will bring to the table.

Sanjeev is ready for new challenges and learning from the Apps Team. “I am excited for my new position to coordinate with other front-end and API teams to achieve better integration for client success,” says Sanjeev. Robin is excited about being hands-on with her team, creating solutions everyday for clients. Kapil is enjoying the high-energy environment of working at a startup. “Startups come with new tools, and different mindsets that provide a unique learning experience and growth opportunities,” says Kapil. 

Ishita can’t wait to start creating new features, while helping fix bugs in the system, all while enhancing her programming skills. Grace had always hoped to be a software developer ever since she was a student. “I’m glad that I can finally create and build ambitious projects for a great company with a bunch of talented people,” explains Grace. “It’s always exciting to contribute to our awesome products and see them grow.”

What is something that stands out to you about Capacity?

At Capacity, we have made it our mission to help teams do their best work. And we don’t think that’s possible without a supportive environment. It’s great hearing that our new teammates have such positive things to say about our people, brand, and culture.

Values and Attitude

Our values are centered around creating amazing products, helping our customers, and doing the right thing while having fun. Kapil mentioned Capacity’s “Let’s get it done now” attitude and how dedicated Capacity team members are to our customers. Ishita agrees, and loves the team work she has seen so far, as well as the value Capacity places on mental well-being. “The work-life balance and flexibility are great,” explains Ishita. “It’s been nice helping each other grow on my team.”

The Culture

Here at Capacity, we value our fun, supportive environment, as well as our employees’ opinions. Robin gives her thoughts about what she loves about Capacity’s culture: “Aside from the relaxed, but fast-paced and productive environment, I really love the development culture that I’ve seen so far,” says Robin. “The company wants to hear from you about what you want to do, what your career goals are, and if they can, they’ll help you get there.”

Grace comments on how the people play a huge part in Capacity’s culture, and reflects on her personal growth so far: “Everyone here is so nice! Our team has been amazing, and I have learned a lot from everyone,” says Grace. “I’m still exploring, so there’s definitely a lot more to learn, but I love how fulfilling it feels at the end of each day.”

Innovative Solutions

Providing our clients with the best solutions to do their best work is our highest priority. “I love how Capacity utilizes the latest technologies and innovative AI to help clients automate their support,” explains Sanjeev. At Capacity, we are always learning and growing to provide our clients with top-notch service.

Tell us something unique about yourself!

We love to celebrate our team members’ successes and individuality. So we thought it would be cool to highlight some of the fun and quirky facts about our new teammates!


Sanjeev loves to spend his free time watching action movies and foreign films. He has also been a cricket enthusiast for several years.


In Robin’s free time, she loves trying new things, especially if they are activity/sports related. Robin is even more interested in activities, such as bowling or rock climbing, where she can be kind of lazy at the same time!


Kapil loves Astronomy. He owns a few telescopes and enjoys pondering about the “what if’s” of the universe.


In Ishita’s free time, she enjoys collecting and making miniatures, such as people and furniture props. These tiny scenes can be made of wood, paper, clay, plastic, or metal.


In Grace’s leisure time, she loves to travel, read, and cook – especially baking! She can make donuts that look exactly like the emoji ?!