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Meet the New Faces At Capacity

by | Sep 28, 2021

At Capacity, we’ve decided to make the most out of the major changes that we’ve gone through. An in-office, remote, or flexible working environment is not going to stop us from properly welcoming our team members and celebrating them at every opportunity. 

Meet Mckenzie Rochester, Data Scientist; Miranda Reese, Product Design Lead; and Michael Miller, Software Engineer! We want to make sure our newest team members feel as welcome as possible even if we don’t see them every day. If you’re reading this article, do us a favor and give them a shout via LinkedIn!

What brought you to Capacity?

At Capacity, we pride ourselves on our culture and we welcome high-achievement individuals with distinctively low egos. It’s always a bonus when our team members seek out a culture that ours embodies. Mckenzie shared that she was interested in joining Capacity because she wanted to get back into the startup space after working at a large company for a year. “Working for startups is more fun and rewarding to me,” she explained. 

Speaking of rewarding experiences, we’re always honored when current and past employees speak well on our name and share job openings. Michael was recommended to Capacity by a friend of his who previously worked on the Apps Team. 

Despite referrals and culture fits, our recruiting practices are always on par. Kate Bell, our Talent Manager, reached out to Miranda via LinkedIn. “Within a couple of hours, I was on a call with her, and eventually, talking to our Senior Designer, Danny Amacher,” shared Miranda. “It all felt a bit surreal, but a few interviews later, I came on board and I’ve been enjoying getting to know everyone thus far!”

What did you do before joining the team?

Part of the reason we’re able to create and build the groundbreaking tools that we do lies in the fact that our team comes from such diverse backgrounds. With fresh perspectives, we can always approach our customers’ problems with unique solutions. 

Before joining Capacity, Michael worked for Instaread, which is a startup with a reading/listening iOS app that’s similar to SparkNotes for business-related books. Mckenzie worked as a quality assurance engineer at a consulting company. And Miranda worked as a Lead Product Designer and managed a small team for a software development agency. 

What are you most excited to work on in your new position?

With new roles and new teammates comes more opportunities. We’re excited to welcome these new faces to our team and see all that they have to bring to the table. 

Michael is most excited about working with our chatbot, and we completely understand why! Our conversational chat interface can accurately answer 90% of questions without human intervention because it was built with NLP algorithms and AI, which enables it to get better with time. Capacity’s AI-powered chatbot also integrates with all of the features of Capacity’s support automation platform to kick off workflows, create help desk tickets, launch a live chat, and much more. 

Mckenzie shared that she is most excited to work with big data and create machine learning models for our customers. Our entire organization is dedicated to building with our customers. We welcome all of our customers’ feedback, product requests, and feature embellishments down to the machine learning algorithms. 

Miranda is most excited about the people that she gets to work with and the lessons that come along with these relationships. “I was the only designer at my previous job for a while, so a lot of it was self-taught,” she explained. “While there is a ton of value in learning that way, I welcome the great advice and guidance from Danny and the Product Team, so I can level up my skills.”

What is something that stands out to you about Capacity?

At Capacity, we have made it our mission to help teams do their best work. And we don’t think that’s possible without a supportive environment. It’s great hearing that our new teammates have such positive things to say about our people, brand, and culture.

Mckenzie mentioned that our company’s name stood out to her. We rebranded in 2019 and never went back. Our team put a ton of effort into deciding the look, personality, voice, and name of our company. We decided to go with Capacity because that is exactly what we planned to generate for the teams that use it. 

Michael commented on the cross-departmental teamwork. “I feel very connected to all other aspects of Capacity,” explained Michael. By keeping multiple avenues of communication open, we hope that all of our new and current employees experience this. Our buzzing Slack channel, weekly donut meetings, bug bashes, company-wide all-hands meetings, and company outings are just a few of the examples of how we encourage collaboration across the company. 

Miranda also commented on the cross-communication between teams. “When I present my designs, the Engineering Team helps me see future development issues I overlooked and the Customer Success Team helps me consider a different perspective of the end-user,” she said. “It makes the final design better than anything I could have done on my own.” 

Miranda also shared that she values how much Capacity has embraced remote work culture. 

Discover more about Capacity’s remote culture. 

Tell us something unique about yourself!

We value having a fun and supportive environment, and we celebrate all successes along the way. So we thought it would be cool to highlight some of the fun and quirky facts about our new teammates! 

We have a ton of musicians on the Capacity team, so it didn’t surprise us to hear that Michael is a pianist and a producer. “I play keys in my band Lazerfish, and I have music out on all platforms (except Apple Music) under Franky Fingertips,” shared Micheal. 

In a similar yet separate vein, Mckenzie told us that she tinkers in music production as a hobby, mainly making soundtracks for video games that her friends create.  

Miranda on the other hand told us that she is a total foodie! “My love of traveling derives from my love of food and wanting to try as many different dishes as possible,” Miranda exclaimed. “I will admit to being *that* person who snaps a picture of their food for their social media diary, but in my defense, I have a terrible memory and don’t want to forget an amazing meal.”