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Meet The New Faces at Capacity

by | Jun 28, 2021

At Capacity, we’ve decided to make the most out of the major changes that we’ve gone through. An in-office, remote, or flexible working environment is not going to stop us from properly welcoming our team members and celebrating them at every opportunity. 

Meet Shawna Fitz, Data Labeler; Jenn Balogh, Senior Account Executive; and Dana Ivancic, Customer Success Manager! We want to make sure our newest team members feel as welcome as possible even if we don’t see them every day. If you’re reading this article, do us a favor and give them a shout via LinkedIn!

What brought you to Capacity?

We’re extremely proud to be a St. Louis-based company, so it’s great hearing that our community gathers around us. “Capacity’s reputation in Saint Louis initially attracted me,” shared Shawna. “It’s known for uplifting, fostering, and developing local talent.” 

We don’t only hire locally, so sometimes it’s just divine timing. “I wanted to be a part of something where I had an opportunity to truly make a difference in building something from the ground up,” said Jenn. “I felt I could do that at Capacity, and I was eager to join a startup environment.” 

The same goes for Dana. “Helping customers achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding, and I wanted to work for a company that provides a product or service of great value that truly impacts customers,” she said. 

What did you do before joining the team?

Part of the reason we’re able to create and build the groundbreaking tools that we do lies in the fact that our team comes from such diverse backgrounds. With fresh perspectives, we can always approach our customers’ problems with unique solutions. 

Before joining Capacity, Shawna developed mobile application forms for deployment to refugee camps in Kenya, Mexico, and Jordan. Jenn previously worked for a digital marketing software company that focused on selling an influencer marketplace to eCommerce companies. And Dana’s last role was a combination of sales, management, and customer success. 

What are you most excited to work on in your new position? 

With new roles and new teammates comes more opportunities. We’re excited to welcome these new faces to our team and see all that they have to offer. 

“To quote our mission, I am truly excited to help teams do their best work,” shared Dana. “I can’t wait to help customers realize the power of Capacity and the positive impact it will have on their business.”

“The most exciting part of this role is all the newness and opportunity to learn,” said Jenn. “I’ve always been a curious person, and with Capacity, I am learning about new industries from a customer perspective and helping build a best-in-class sales function.”

“I am most excited about observing and exploring the cross-team liaisons that occur during the development of the product,” shared Shawna. However, we’ll leave you at a cliffhanger, since we can’t go sharing our secret sauce! ?

What’s something that stands out to you about Capacity?

At Capacity, we have made it our mission to help teams do their best work, as Dana was quoted saying earlier. And we don’t think that’s possible without a supportive environment. It’s great hearing that our new teammates have such positive things to say about our people and culture.

Shawna mentioned talent development. “The level of talent here is astounding, and the willingness to grow that talent by leadership is a game-changer,” expressed Shawna.

Jenn spoke on collaboration and inclusiveness. “I’ve been impressed with the level of collaboration that takes place every day and the inclusion of everyone’s opinions, ideas, and contributions. I truly feel like everything I do makes a difference in how we continue to scale the business,” shared Jenn. “I feel valued, heard, and appreciated.” 

Dana addressed teamwork. “While customer success is on the front line, every team plays a role in supporting our customers,” said Dana. “I love seeing and being part of the team effort as everyone is so engaged and driven to help our customers.” 

Tell us something unique about yourself!

We value having a fun and supportive environment, and we celebrate all successes along the way. So we thought it would be cool to highlight some of the fun and quirky facts about our new teammates! 

After her tech career, Shawna has a backup career in stage theatre and acting. “I’ve always had a love of acting and performance, and either upon retirement or a midlife crisis, I will find a way back to the stage,” she shared.  

Jenn is the co-host of a sales podcast called, #JustAnAE. Check out a few of the episodes

Dana plans to visit all 50 states and is currently down to her last three states (Arkansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota). “It’s been a great experience to discover the beauty in each state,” she shared. “West Virginia has been the biggest surprise so far—I had no idea you could whitewater raft there and the New River Gorge is stunning.” We’re not sure who needed to hear that, but this is your sign to book your trip today!