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The database that listens…

Capacity’s LiveDB enables you to communicate with your database in plain speech – no queries necessary.

abstract illustration of the Capacity knowledge base

LiveDB takes a complex task and makes it accessible to anyone.

Save your workforce time and resources by enabling anyone to pull information straight from your organization’s database without the need to write MySQL queries.

Up to you

Customize the fields and relationships between database models. Your database is limited by your imagination, not your technical expertise.

Query in natural language

No need to know any special commands or insider lingo. Simply ask a question and our state-of-the-art NLP will respond – just like a coworker.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Save your hard work to a template, and save yourself from more hard work later on. Templatize and reuse your schemas for future deployments.

You can’t ask what you can’t query.

Access your important data without complex scripts

Reduce the time spent writing queries and get right to the information you need. Whether it’s your team’s CSAT metrics or sales’ information for the past quarter- you hold the key.

Tailor-made for your org

LiveDB makes it easy to incorporate the right set of queries so that your organization can quickly access the data it needs.

an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a financial services question and the platform answering using natural language processing