Your website is a conversation in the making.

With LivePages (BETA), your team and clients can simply ask your website for the knowledge they need.

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From static FAQ to dynamic dialogue.

Capacity’s LivePage technology automatically generates question-and-answer pairs from a standard webpage. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have a populated knowledge base that will empower your team and wow your clients.

Whoever thought AI could be this easy?

Four steps is all it takes to transform any page of your company’s site into a full-fledged conversation, instantly accessible in natural language, day or night.

If you can copy and paste a URL, then you can successfully engage with state-of-the-art AI and ML to increase your org’s capacity.

Things change. Capacity changes along with them.

Whenever any of the questions on your webpage are updated, those updates are automatically reflected in the AI-assisted knowledge base. When we say, “LivePages,” we mean live pages.

We check so you don’t have to.
In fact, Capacity will check the live source webpage every time a question is asked, always sourcing and surfacing the most up-to-date version of every answer.

Add-ons for added performance.

For one-off questions and answers, your team can leverage our intuitive Chrome plugin to create conversations from static pages.

A real conversation starter.
Simply highlight a bit of text on a webpage, then link back to the that text in the knowledge base. This on-the-go live knowledge will empower your entire org and demonstrate immediate ROI.