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How does knowledge management improve productivity?

by | May 3, 2024

Can knowledge management improves productivity organization-wide? Short answer: Yes. By preventing repeated missteps, guiding product development, and making it easier to analyze internal and external experiences.

So how does knowledge management improve productivity? It works by:

  • Making knowledge instantly accessible for whoever needs it, whenever they need it
  • Allowing for easier maintenance and upkeep of knowledge, so nothing is out of date or inaccurate
  • Streamlining any processes that require teams to access knowledge, like onboarding and training; customer check-ups; trouble-shooting and support, and more.

Reducing the time spent searching for knowledge saves teams time, while ensuring that all knowledge is accurate and helpful reduces any roadblocks or costly errors.

Plus, when everyone in an organization has access to the information they need, it’s easier to make strategic business decisions that lead to growth, differentiation, and scale.

In short, knowledge management software can give a company a competitive edge and expedite business decisions.