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How to Improve Contact Center Self-Service with AI

by | Jun 5, 2024

Imagine a Contact Center with faster service and fewer tickets. Sounds like a win for agents and customers alike, right? Many Contact Centers are starting to use self-service tools to reduce calls and improve resolutions. Looking ahead, companies can drastically improve Contact Center self-service with AI. 

Contact Center pros know the value of self-service. Increasingly customers are getting on board too. Harvard Business Review says that 81% of customers try to solve problems independently before calling a live agent. In other words, customers are willing to put in a little effort if it means they get speedier resolutions. And customers are more and more comfortable with tech like chatbots and self-service portals

If your business is already using self-service technology, that’s great! But whether you’re a tech skeptic or an all-in innovator, you need to be expanding your self-service capabilities. AI and automation can help. 

So how do you improve Contact Center self-service with AI? Here are three areas the team at Capacity recommends you look in to: 

Check Your Chatbot

Chances are your business already has a chatbot. Yay you! But, it’s no longer enough to simply have a chatbot; your Contact Center needs an effective chatbot.

If you’re looking for a simple measure to assess the quality of your chatbot, deflection rate is the ultimate metric. Capacity’s chatbot boasts a 90% ticket deflection rate, besting most competitors. If you’re middling in the 40-60% range, it may be time to consider alternatives.

Good chatbots use generative AI to source responses from your company’s knowledge base, and that knowledge base requires care. It’s the power source for your chatbot and other self-service channels, after all. Teams should continually add to their knowledge base, edit and supplement with product/service updates, solicit user feedback, and more. 

Maintenance and the right tech matter if your team wants to succeed. 

Streamline Calls

No matter how good your chatbot is, sometimes tickets need to escalate to voice calls. But self-service shouldn’t go out the window when a phone is involved. Instead, use AI to optimize the moments between when a customer dials and an agent picks up. 

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is critical first line technology when it comes to voice calls. Your Contact Center needs differentiated ASR tech to keep customers flowing through self-service before claiming agent resources.

Capacity’s AI-powered voice biometrics authentication technology uses the physical and behavioral patterns of your customer’s speech to create a unique voiceprint. This means customers can be quickly identified by their voiceprint and your team can reduce call time. 

Think Omnichannel

Contact Centers need to think outside traditional channels and offer an omnichannel experience. Today’s customers use many channels and expect the same from the brands they interact with. This means your team needs to drive toward a unified customer experience that can seamlessly move from channel to channel. 

AI-powered automation systems are critical in helping your team integrate systems and channels. Whether a customer is switching from chatbot to text, or moving from email to a voice call, your team needs conversation history visibility across channels and the ability to communicate. AI-powered systems, like Capacity, can help you succeed. 

Learn More About How to Improve Contact Center Self-Service with AI

Whether AI gets you excited or makes you feel stressed about the future of self-service for your Center Center, there’s always more to learn. Download the latest Capacity guidebook, The Future of AI for Contact Centers, to get started.