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Hidden Talents at Capacity

by | May 11, 2021

Our team members are more than what meets the eye. While each person brings a unique talent to work, we would be amiss if we assumed their talents ended there. That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to celebrate our team members and their talents outside of work. Plus it gives us an extra opportunity to view our teammates as the well-rounded individuals that they are. Every couple of weeks, we’ll be highlighting new people, so stay on the lookout! 

A Controller with a keen eye for art. 

Bre Evans is the Controller at Capacity. She has been with the company since January 2018. One of her many hidden talents includes art. “From a very young age, my favorite classes were always art classes,” said Bre. “In high school, I convinced my parents to let me paint a mural on the wall in my bedroom and it turned out well enough that I was commissioned to paint additional murals in other houses and churches in my small town.” With art as a side hustle, Bre can be as expressive as she wants without living the starving artist lifestyle.

Bre’s favorite mediums to work with include watercolor and relief printmaking because she likes a challenge. “Watercolor is very unforgiving and you know pretty quickly if you’ve nailed it or not,” explained Bre. “Relief printmaking is kind of like that too, but unlike oil painting or ceramics, it’s kind of hard to ‘fix’ a block of wood after you’ve carved it.” 

She currently is challenging herself to protect white space on the paper when painting with watercolor. “There’s no easy way to get the white of the paper back after you paint over it, which means I have to get better at having a plan for what I want to paint rather than just winging it,” she said. 

Her inspiration? Bre is a total sucker for Monet! “In high school, my art teacher challenged me to paint something from a famous artist to hone my skills and I chose this piece, which is still one of my favorites,” said Bre.  

Bre told us that her mom still has her original rendition of the above piece hanging in her home. How special!?

A VP of Partnerships who can get around the kitchen. 

Josh Katz is the head of Strategic Partnerships at Capacity. He has been with the company since May 2019. One of his hidden talents is cooking, and he has brought quite a few dishes to the office, pre-Covid to prove it! “My dad is an amazing cook and has always cooked for my family,” shared Josh. “I have learned much of what I know from him and ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to cook for my family as he did.”

Josh’s all-time favorite food to cook is ribs. “I’m always trying to make my ribs as good as my dad’s,” said Josh. “Though it’s a very basic recipe, the devil is in the details.” However, as he has grown in his talents and worked to challenge himself, his current favorite thing to make is Sous Vide steaks. He encourages anyone interested in the technique to give it a whirl. “This technique can be intimidating, but it truly is the easiest method to master,” he explained.

Check out his steak sandwich, which includes sous vide Ribeye (4 hours at 130 degrees), blistered tomatoes, French onions, arugula, homemade chimichurri sauce, and garlic bread!

When asked who was his favorite cook on earth, he told us that it’s his dad. “There is so much nostalgia intertwined in each of his dishes,” he shared. 

A Customer Success Engineer that captures moments. 

Psyche Southwell is a Customer Success Engineer at Capacity. She has been with the company since December 2020. One of her hidden talents is photography. Before joining the team she started a fashion blog and digital marketing business, which led her to photography. “The elaborate and exciting processes of styling looks, scouting locations, planning shoots, and producing overall content took me well beyond my prior experience of simply taking pictures,” shared Psyche. 

Her photography skills don’t end with fashion. “Since 2007, I have captured thousands of images of architectural landmarks, historically significant buildings, and ghost signs across St. Louis,” said Psyche. “So, in addition to showcasing style, photography has given me the chance to chronicle major and subtle changes concerning the physical landscape of the city.”

An image Psyche took in the Missouri Botanical Garden for a Good Housekeeping article.

Her greatest achievement in photography was becoming highly proficient using photo editing and graphic design software. “It was a notable gateway moment for me,” she explained. “As I developed my skills doing graphic design, it improved and widened my approaches to photography.”

And when we asked about her favorite photographer, she said her mother. “I lost my mom at the end of 2019, but whenever I upgraded to a new camera, I gave her the old camera, and she put them to good use,” Psyche shared. “My mom would take pictures of weddings, governmental events, carnivals, family gatherings, and everyday citizens in my home country, St. Kitts.” 

As Psyche reflected on her mother’s body of work, she realized,” she was producing a wonderful cultural history.”

At Capacity, it’s our mission to help teams do their best work. By learning about who our team members are outside of the organization and encouraging them to pursue their passion and talents, we see more fulfilled and productive individuals inside the organization. 

Stay tuned for more team member talents soon!