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From Pitch Competition to Partnership: Equity.com Invests in Intelligage

by | Apr 20, 2023

Another win for AI: Technology investment firm and Capacity’s parent company, Equity.com, announced reccently that they have invested in Intelligage, a customer engagement cloud platform.

Our partnership began at the annual SaaStr conference in 2022, when Intelligage (formerly CompleteCSM) won Equity.com’s pitch competition for $100k. David Karandish, Equity.com Cofounder and Capacity CEO, saw significant potential in Intelligage’s use of AI to interpret and act on buyer intent. 

“Even in a competitive environment like SaaStr, Intelligage’s pitch stood out,” said Karandish. After the competition, Equity.com became the lead investor in Intelligage’s seed round and will act as a minority shareholder going forward.

“Intelligage’s use of AI to improve intent predictions and drive customer journeys aligns perfectly with Capacity’s own mission.”

Here at Capacity, we’re very passionate about AI that helps teams do their best work. While our AI helps reduce repetitive support tasks, Intelligage helps sales, customer success, and marketing teams to predict buyer intent more accurately and produce better discovery outcomes. 

“The recent tectonic shift from in-person to digital meetings has made go-to-market teams more efficient. However, the majority of what’s communicated is not captured,” said Bryan Plaster, Cofounder and CEO of Intelligage. “Our AI surfaces non-verbal communication and EQ to make coaching more personalized, forecasting more accurate, and churn predictions more effective.”

What’s more, Intelligage’s work is only just beginning. Equity.com’s investment marks a significant milestone as Intelligage launches their new AI Coach and continues to expand prediction and journey capabilities.

Capacity has deployed Intelligage on our own team, applying their innovative AI to our own sales, marketing, and retention strategies. Meanwhile, Intelligage will streamline their processes with Capacity’s robust knowledge base, putting knowledge right at the fingertips of those who need it.

Ultimately, both companies together will work to continue revolutionizing customer engagement through AI. The partnership wouldn’t be possible without SaaStr.

“We’re so grateful that Jason Lemkin and the SaaStr team provide the opportunity for companies like ours to connect, build strategic relationships, and grow,” said Karandish.