Become the preferred institution among students.

Capacity’s support automation platform provides your school with everything it needs to be your prospective students’ number one pick.

Answer FAQs and information requests.

Students and their parents are seeking improved customer service in the education space. Capacity enables institutions to provide 24/7 self-service support for FAQs and streamlined access to experts via LiveChat. 

  • Accuracy matters.

    Capacity instantly and accurately answers 90% of all inquiries without human involvement, which means students and parents alike can come to Capacity for answers without sending an email or waiting on hold.

  • Self-service made simple.

    Capacity’s conversational bot can live conveniently on your school’s website so that students and parents no longer have to search through your site to find the information they need.

Engage a counselor.

In the past, students had to jump through hoops to connect with a counselor and schedule an appointment. Now, students can easily schedule a time to meet with a counselor, because Capacity is tailored to the student experience. 

Capacity seamlessly integrates with calendars and can kick off workflows, so students can book time on their counselor’s calendar without sharing explicit details or calling the counseling office.

Provide tuition, enrollment, and application assistance.

New and returning students all have different needs when it comes to applying to a new school or beginning a new school year. Capacity can answer students’ questions about these topics or launch a workflow to begin the application or enrollment process.

  • With Capacity’s workflow feature, students can encounter an automated application experience that saves time and alleviates the stresses that come with it.

  • If students need financial assistance, Capacity can direct them to the available options, so they can make the best decision for their future. 

  • Capacity’s AI-powered platform can also reduce the hassle of late enrollment by enabling students to complete the process step-by-step through a guided conversation.