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TMC saves 80 hours per event using AI and automation.


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The Mortgage Collaborative is a nationwide professional network of mortgage bankers, banks, credit unions, and mortgage service providers. Founded in 2013, TMC strives to promote collaboration and partnerships among its members, in addition to providing exclusive access to networking events and thought leadership.


As a nationwide collaborative, TMC’s main goal is to facilitate connections between lenders and providers. Before Capacity, their process for doing so was entirely manual and through email.

With 2 major networking events per year and thousands of members, the TMC inboxes were flooded. The TMC team was saddled with constantly answering the same questions, over and over—from member inquiries about other partners, to questions about upcoming events and working groups, as well as requests for high-level information about TMC itself. 

The process was inefficient and repetitive, and it impacted the team’s overall productivity.

“At a time when productivity and saving money are paramount to retaining your business, take a look at all of the inefficient processes your staff do daily, talk to Capacity, and turn those inefficiencies into a gain in dollars and time by transitioning your team to more important tasks.”

Faith Howard-Mooney, VP of Member Engagement


To achieve these goals, TMC turned to Capacity. Together, they built “Frankie.”

“Frankie,” TMC’s name for their Concierge, lives natively on the TMC website. Within seconds, “Frankie” engages visitors with TMC announcements, the event calendar, partnership links, and more.

The Concierge also includes a meeting scheduler, allowing members to request meetings with minimal lift from TMC staff. Before, the process for connecting lenders and members took multiple email chains, hours of data entry, and lots of repetitive system switching.

Now, members know exactly how and where to request meetings, and it’s much easier for TMC organizers to track and process meeting requests.

Plus, if website visitors want to know something specific, they only have to ask: “Frankie” answers over 90% of frequently asked questions within just a few seconds.

Seeing the impact of “Frankie” on their member network, TMC soon deployed Capacity internally.

On MS Teams, TMC staff can now request resources from “Frankie” in a simple chat conversation. Just by “asking Capacity”, staff will instantly receive details on benefits information, PTO policies, and more—without digging through files or waiting hours for clarification from a colleague.

“Work with Capacity, or at a minimum, consult Capacity on knowledge base inefficiencies for your clients and internal teams. Capacity’s team does an amazing job in seeking to understand your pain points and customize their solutions to best support your ever-changing needs.”

Tom Galucci, SVP of Business Development


“Frankie” has helped TMC set record numbers of meetings between members and partners at their conferences. With so much manual, repetitive work now automated, TMC staff can reallocate their time towards larger, more impactful projects. 

Over a single month, “Frankie” helps TMC:

  • Field 11,000+ inquiries 
  • Deflect over 90% of those inquiries from their teams
  • Save 160 hours over the year to focus on more strategic tasks

The freedom to completely configure “Frankie” to their own business needs allows TMC to be more strategic in highlighting content and resources for members, thus reducing email inquiries from those who can’t find information. According to Faith Howard-Mooney, VP of Member Engagement at TMC, she and her team are saving 80 hours per event through automation.

TMC and Capacity’s partnership helps both their members and their teams to save time, accomplish more, and scale their capabilities.

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