Do more than store your data.

Don’t let your data gather dust. Put it to use with CapacityDB.

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Take full advantage of your information.

With CapacityDB, customers can securely store their data without managing multiple databases. Because CapacityDB is a Capacity-hosted database, the data that lives within it can seamlessly integrate with the full Capacity tech stack and our customers’ mission-critical applications.

Make your data actionable.

Building queries is the bare minimum you can do with CapacityDB. Easily add these queries to a workflow or guided conversation, so they run automatically.

  • Billing.

    Never miss a payment by setting a scheduled workflow that automatically reminds your accounting team when payments are due to vendors based on data stored in CapacityDB.

  • Vendor proposals.

    Take the work out of uploading proposals, searching for proposals, comparing proposals, updating proposals, and much more by using guided conversations and powerful querying via CapacityDB.

Get support when you need it.

Creating a query in CapacityDB is as easy as using SQL, so our customers can work independently in the platform.

However, our Copilots are always available to assist customers with writing queries in CapacityDB and creating corresponding endpoints in the Developer Platform.

Know the difference.

Both LiveDB and CapacityDB enable clients to store and access their data, but CapacityDB helps with the heavy lifting.

  • LiveDB.

    Customers store their data and create queries in their existing database and we connect the Capacity platform with a simple install. With LiveDB, our customers take full control of the security and its users.

  • CapacityDB.

    We create a new database for our customers, hosted by Capacity at AWS to safely store your data. With CapacityDB, we handle the security and user management while our AI Suggested Queries (BETA) write themselves, so your team won’t have to.

Your data is safe with us.

Rest assured knowing that when you leave your data in our hands, it’s always protected.

We never cache sensitive data and we always adhere to a cascading permissions structure. Capacity is also GDPR, CCPA, and SOC 2 compliant.

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