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Asset management powered by knowledge management.


Give your teams the knowledge they need to drive revenue.

Assett Management NLP

AI that knows your products.


You’ve got lots of products, and those products have lots of information associated with them—that your clients expect you to know off the top of your head, at any moment. We can help with that.

Leave it to machine learning

You need a platform that really knows your products and procedures. Our AI’s understanding of your products will grow revenue, decrease costs, and boost productivity.

Scalable and flexible knowledge base

With Capacity, you can connect all your product information to our knowledge base and ask for the information you need whenever you need it. No more searching through out-of-date product guides. We’re here to help you look like the financial guru you are.

illustration of the capacity knowledge base and the apps it can connect to
someone using the capacity AI knowledge sharing platform to search their Google Drive

Turn client onboarding into a competitive advantage.


Client experience is quickly becoming a huge factor in how asset management firms expand their market share and sustain their competitive advantage.

With Capacity, you can ensure that data entry and retrieval is fast, reliable, and seamless. Your clients get a seamless onboarding experience, and you get more clients to onboard.

Drive efficiency to improve margins.


Clients demand a better day-to-day experience and continuous access to their information. That demand for access and communication normally means you either need more people, which raises costs, or you don’t provide the right information at the right time—putting your organization in a precarious position.

Rather than making that choice, choose Capacity. Your clients can have a way to get answers to questions whenever they need them, and your team can easily answer questions they get without spending a lot of time looking for an answer.

an unanswered question about alternative investment strategies coming through the capacity knowledge sharing platform