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Sales Boomerang

Sales Boomerang provides borrower intelligence to hundreds of the highest-performing lenders of all types in the industry by alerting lenders when a borrower is ready for a loan.

What can you do with Capacity and Sales Boomerang?

  • Today’s Sales Boomerang alerts

Sales Boomerang Features:

  • Get alerts when your borrower is credit qualified
  • Get alerts when your FHA borrower has exceeded 20% equity and can remove mortgage insurance
  • Get alerts when your borrower lists their home for sale.
  • Get alerts when customers are shopping the early payoff period.
  • Get alerts when your customers have equity in their home.
  • Get alerts when your borrower is in danger of dropping out of your portfolio
  • Get notified when a borrower gets married, has a baby, files for divorce, or experience death.
  • Get demographic information on anyone in your database.
  • See who your borrowers are taking their next loan with.