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Capacity Launches AIAssessment.com to Help Companies Get Started with AI

by | Mar 7, 2024

Capacity is proud to announce the launch of AIAssessment.com. The customized AI assessment helps companies identify opportunities, prioritize solutions and implement new technology. 

AI is more than a buzzword, it’s essential technology for the future of work. As customer expectations rise, AI and automation offer achievable solutions that will free teams to do their best work. While many business leaders recognize the importance of AI, many struggle to understand where to start, and how to develop a strategy and implementation plan. 

Capacity designed AIAssessment.com to help businesses get started with AI. The Capacity team of pros partners with companies to conduct a comprehensive analysis and develop a plan to increase productivity, eliminate inefficiency and boost customer and employee satisfaction with AI. Capacity has worked with more than 2,000 brands to design and implement AI and automation solutions. 

How Capacity AI Assessments Work

The Capacity AI Assessment takes teams through a five-step process to identify opportunities and design a roadmap for their AI future. Steps include: 

  1. Survey + Analyze: Capacity facilitates a comprehensive survey and analysis of current processes and tools.
  2. Collaborate: Capacity summarizes survey findings and reviews with teams during a collaborative listening session. 
  3. Map A Journey: Capacity uses team feedback to identify opportunities against 65 areas of potential AI investment. 
  4. Recommend: Capacity recommends key areas of AI investment based on the team’s priorities and challenges.
  5. Implement: Capacity delivers a report that teams can activate internally or Capacity can implement the plan and apply the cost of the assessment toward a company’s licensing fees. 

An AI Plan for the Future

Capacity works hand-in-hand with teams to deliver a board-ready strategy that will generate immediate value from AI and automation. A Capacity AI Assessment includes: 

  • Survey and listening session with a team of AI pros. 
  • An in-depth report that includes: key findings from survey and analysis; check-in meeting to answer questions and provide support for vendor selection; inventory of implementation opportunities; prioritized recommendations for areas of potential investment and suggested use cases. 
  • Action plan for implementation

If your team is hesitant (or just plain resistant) to invest in AI, a Capacity AI Assessment can be a helpful first step in identifying opportunity and developing a potential implementation plan. 

Ready to get started? Visit AIAssessment.com to learn more and connect with our team. The next step in your AI future is just a few clicks away. 

About Capacity

Capacity is a support automation platform that uses practical and generative AI to deflect tickets, emails, and phone calls—so teams can do their best work. We offer solutions for self-service, agent assist, and campaigns & workflows to help companies automate their support. Today, Capacity offers support over web, SMS, email, social, Slack, MS Teams, helpdesks, and more, powered by technology and talent from Denim Social, LumenVox, and Textel. Visit Capacity.com to learn more.