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3 Benefits of Capacity Shared During OriginatorTech

by | Feb 15, 2021

During OriginatorTech, our CEO and Cofounder, David Karandish, gave a 20-minute demo that revealed how Capacity’s features can enhance the way teams work in the mortgage industry. In that presentation, we pointed out four crucial benefits that Capacity provides. 

Capacity is friendly and accessible.

Capacity has conversational history and short term memory built-in. Rather than messaging coworkers for information, you can ask a question to Capacity any day at any time and get an instant response. Customers can also easily white-label the Capacity bot to make it fit their brand colors and personality.

Capacity shares all of your information internally.

Easily access all of your company intelligence via conversation. Once you ask Capacity a question it will connect to your knowledge base and apps, complete a search, and return with an answer. It’s simple, straightforward, and frictionless.

Here’s how it works: Capacity integrates with lenders’ key systems and interfaces with messaging platforms (like Slack, Teams, or email) so loan officers can quickly find answers by asking Capacity questions about borrower opportunities, loan statuses, guidelines, etc. Capacity will pull this information and provide the loan officer with an instant and actionable response, which reduces the time that loan officers spend manually logging into systems and searching for information.

Capacity helps you complete tasks.

In addition to providing you with information, it’s easy to tell the Capacity bot to complete an action. Set up meetings, send emails, and share information with coworkers without having to open an email or look at available times to meet. These small tasks might not seem like they take up a lot of time individually, but when you think about all of the time you’ve spent doing them over-time, it’s easy to see how beneficial this can be in your day.

Capacity can answer borrowers’ questions. By adding one simple line of javascript on your consumer-facing website, lenders can empower borrowers with Capacity as well. As borrowers engage with Capacity and start typing questions, Capacity will direct them to accurate answers. 

Here’s how it works: Capacity’s knowledge base (that our team helps every customer build during implementation) consists of all of the frequently asked questions that borrowers typically ask. Because Capacity has worked with a large number of mortgage lenders, we share a content pack of question-and-answer pairs that other customers have found useful. This speeds up the implementation process and enables you to start automating your borrowers’ questions as quickly as possible.