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Train and empower your team with an AI-powered knowledge base.

Give your teams the knowledge they need to excel, no matter where they’re at in their journey.

a new employee surrounded by application icons
An illustration that shows Capacity responding to an insurance question with a question to clarify details

Machine learning for human learning.

No one can quickly absorb 200 pages of HR documents and training materials, 10 hours of corporate videos, and a dozen classroom training sessions—least of all a brand new team member who’s also been tasked with consuming hoards of other organizational knowledge.

Rather than hoping that your new (and seasoned) team members will remember all of that vital knowledge, simply upload everything to Capacity’s AI-assisted knowledge base. Our natural language processing will decipher your teams’ questions, and our machine learning ensemble will ensure they’re getting the right answer, whether it’s day 1 or day 1001.

a screenshot of the capacity knowledge sharing platform's knowledge base and copilot console

Always-on onboarding.

Our knowledge sharing platform is always there for your team members. Capacity is there to deliver helpful context for org-specific policies, critical regulatory guidelines, how-to processes for proprietary tech, clarifying questions about the holiday calendar—whatever knowledge your team needs, wherever and whenever they need it.

With AI-powered training forever at their fingertips, your teams will not only get up to speed faster, they’ll be continually empowered to do their best work.

Who knows what?

No matter how thorough your training materials are, there are always going to be knowledge gaps and situations that don’t have an obvious answer. For those times, knowing the people in your org who can provide the proper guidance is invaluable.

However, knowing who knows what is next to impossible for newer team members—even veteran employees often can’t identify every subject matter expert. Our Expert Finder is here to bridge any ongoing training gaps. If Capacity doesn’t know the answer to a question, it’ll intelligently route the query to the person in your org who does. What’s more, the platform will remember not only the answer but who knew the answer, redirecting similar questions to them in the future.