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Meet HR’s First AI-Powered Teammate

by | Sep 4, 2018

How Capacity will revolutionize human resources.

Capacity will be attending this year’s HR Technology Conference, where we’ll be showing off the myriad ways Capacity can add value to the human resources space. This yearly gathering is a wonderful intersection of HR professionals and the state-of-the-art technologies that’ll be driving the industry forward, and, judging by a handful of key takeaways from last year’s event, Capacity will fit right in.

At the 2017 conference, ServiceNow (a platform that Capacity already integrates seamlessly with) conducted an eye-opening survey of 350 HR professional attendees, in which they assessed “how their employees find information and answers to questions on HR policies and processes such as a maternity leave, and what they see as the demands of their employees.”

The results?

Get a load of these stunning conclusions…

  • 99 percent say it’s valuable for employees to feel they could find information on maternity leave or other company policies in the evening or after hours.

But, only…

  • 12 percent say it’s easy for employees to quickly find that information.

And a further…

  • 92 percent agree that in the future chatbots will be important to direct employees to find the information they need.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Nearly all HR professionals (by the way, this mirrors the desires of employees) want their employees to be able to find critical policies and company information outside of work, yet only a tiny percentage claim that’s actually possible. The expectations of both employer and employee are perfectly clear and have been for some time, yet they remain unmet nonetheless.

This chasm of profound demand and zero supply is simply unsustainable.

Another eye-opening takeaway from ServiceNow’s “Chatbots and the Future of Employee Experience” survey.

Outside of work, we can find the best Asian Fusion restaurant within a 10-mile radius in milliseconds. Outside of work, we can find the secondary authors of the Magna Carta in milliseconds.

But unfortunately, the moment we step into work, we step back in time, back to a world in which we must physically (literally) search for information like our parents did and our grandparents did before them. How frustrating it is that the one place we’d expect to find relevant work information—our place of work—turns out to be the most inconvenient place to look.

“Workers are also consumers. They already dictate grocery lists to Alexa and ask Siri for restaurant suggestions.”

Accenture’s 2018 Reworking the Revolution

Thankfully, this crippling dynamic is finally changing with the help of Capacity.

Capacity grants employees instant access to every approved policy, every pertinent piece of protocol, every little nugget of formerly obscure company information they could ever want —wherever and whenever they want.

Maybe you find yourself at a family get together on a Friday night and your sister-in-law is trying to figure out everyone’s schedule for the trip to the lake. How much vacation time do you have left?

Just ask Capacity.

(Before rebranding, Capacity previously did business as Jane.ai.)

Or, you’re adding your partner to your health insurance on a Sunday afternoon and the paperwork calls for your employee ID, an obscure number you haven’t seen since the day you were hired?

Just ask Capacity.

(Before rebranding, Capacity previously did business as Jane.ai.)

But what if it’s the day before Presidents’ Day and you could’ve sworn you had Presidents’ Day off but you’re not entirely sure because the past few weeks have just been a blur and you need to know if you have the day off because if you do, you’re totally going to binge-watch at least 4 more Game of Thrones episodes?

Just ask Capacity.

(Before rebranding, Capacity previously did business as Jane.ai.)

According to Deloitte, Only 10 percent of companies have major programs in place to simplify work, and simplification may be one of the most underutilized tools in an organization’s arsenal. With the cost of voluntary employee turnover in the United States is estimated to be approaching $536 billion, a work simplification tool like Capacity could have a major impact on your employee retention and your bottom line.

Capacity is bridging the gap of the expectations we all have as consumers—instant access to the information we want, wherever we want, whenever we want—into the workplace. And if you’re in human resources, what a blessing that is. Not only are your employees no longer hunting for the sick leave policy or the dental insurance form, you’re no longer hunting it down for them.

“The ability of AI to free up HR staff to engage in higher level work can transform the department into a full-fledged strategic consultant.”

HR Certification Institute

Capacity will free up today’s HR professional to then do what they got in the HR business to do: connect with people.