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Innovate and streamline with AI.

From pilot to full rollout, we’re here to help.

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an abstract illustration of an employee updating their information in the capacity knowledge base

Out-of-the-box capabilities, infinite uses.

Bringing in AI vendors is a delicate process that requires sifting between what’s real and what’s hype. Finding a use case for your proof of concept is also no easy task. If all that goes right, it still has to roll out at scale.

With Capacity, your organization gets real, out-of-the-box AI technology built on an enterprise-scaling platform. That means innovation teams can focus on finding and piloting a successful use case, and less time worrying about making a multi-million dollar mistake.

a screenshot of the capacity knowledge sharing platform's knowledge base and copilot console

Get ahead of the next digital transformation curve.

Nearly every company went through a digital transformation project to usher their organization into the new millennium. Unfortunately, the innovation department’s work isn’t done. The next digital transformation is here, and it’s AI.

Jumpstart your org’s next digital transformation with an AI-native knowledge sharing platform. Capacity was built on artificial intelligence—we’ve done the AI PoC so you don’t have to.

Prove the promise of enterprise AI and the value of innovation.

Without a partner with a track record of success, artificial intelligence is just a buzzword and innovation may remain in the hypothetical.

By solving a universal pain point—the need for instant, 24/7 access to organizational knowledge—with state-of-the-art technology, Capacity makes it easy to demonstrate the kind of ROI that AI can deliver for your company.

We look forward to helping you achieve your innovation goals by bringing the premier AI platform into your workplace.

an illustration of the capacity knowledge sharing platform following up with an employee to provide an answer to their question