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Total Access Urgent Care Keeps a Pulse on the Community

According to our most recent data, Capacity’s healthcare chatbot is deflecting more than 600 questions a week—saving TAUC ® teammates time and providing patients with instant information about healthcare options, insurance, and services. Keep reading to discover how!

TAUC’s mission is to create fast, friendly, and affordable healthcare in every community.

Total Access Urgent Care (TAUC ®) has been proudly providing top-ranked patient care for St. Louis communities since 2008. In that time, TAUC has expanded to 24 local locations and is still growing.

TAUC’s success and its reputation for exceptional service is no fluke. The values that underpin TAUC’s rise are listed for everyone to see, right on their website: Teamwork, Integrity, Efficiency, Judgment, Passion, Communication, and Impact. Whenever a patient comes into their healthcare facility, they know what to expect.

A holistic experience for all.

With such an ambitious mission to serve local communities, it’s great to see that TAUC puts equal effort into creating a positive employee experience. After all, the TAUC team is also native to surrounding neighborhoods. According to TAUC Senior Operations Analyst, Sarah Minkler, being born and raised in St. Louis herself is one of the reasons she’s proud to be a part of TAUC.

“In addition to serving local communities, TAUC also fosters the growth and development of our employees with well-defined paths of achievement that are supported by well-established training programs,” said TAUC’s EMT and Physician Facilitator, Kelvin Liang. “The staff is consequently entrusted and empowered, resulting in a robust and impactful work experience.”

The typical twelve-hour shift at an urgent care facility is often a high-stress environment. Staying engaged with patient needs throughout an entire shift, paying close attention to details, and keeping a positive attitude on the job is possible because TAUC provides its team with a supportive environment and healthy work-life balance.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for growth and leadership, and our mission is embedded in our daily work,” said Sarah. “TAUC serves employees and the community by providing patient care that is fast and exceptional.”

Urgent care, urgent solutions.

Despite TAUC’s precipitous growth, there’s still some confusion concerning the available services, the quality of care, and the wait time one can expect at an urgent care center. With so many misconceptions, TAUC makes it a priority to take on the responsibility of debunking myths whenever opportunities arise.

TAUC’s Assistant Manager, Mariann Schuessel, believes that “TAUC raises the standard for the common misconceptions in healthcare by providing X-Ray, CT, and Ultrasound services.” But the physicians at TAUC are not only board-certified, but they also have the expertise for these services that only comes with years of providing them, well, urgently.

“Because of our providers’ skill level and our vast array of diagnostic capabilities, we can keep a majority of patients out of the emergency room,” said Sarah. “We even offer the added convenience of having prescriptions available on-site.”

Another convenience that TAUC-goers might be unaware of? Its focus is on tech-enablement.

Let’s TAUC tech.

The adoption of tech is yet another way that TAUC has taken its service to another level. For example, the health sector receives frequently asked questions regarding insurance policies, medication recommendations, appointment scheduling, rescheduling, and so much more. By servicing so many neighborhoods, those questions only multiply. The already busy Reception and Support teams were simply overwhelmed, so TAUC made the forward-thinking decision to scale its growth by adopting the right technology—Capacity.

By using a healthcare chatbot, TAUC answers FAQs 24/7/365. Before Capacity, these questions would require a call to one of their clinics, and even then, the staff did not enjoy instant access to information that an AI-powered support automation platform makes possible.

“The use of tech has helped make healthcare more patient-friendly,” said Sarah. “With tools like Capacity, patients can quickly find information about healthcare options, insurance, and all the services we provide.”

And Capacity’s positive impact hasn’t stopped at FAQs. It has created a ripple effect that’s led to a better patient experience overall. “The chat feature has reduced the number of calls we get at the front desk, which really helps increase our check-in and checkout times,” said Sarah.

Capacity also takes on TAUC’s own internal questions regarding policies, procedures, critical supplies, payroll, benefits, and more. According to Mariann, “It helps our team with any questions they might have about our employee website.”

Operating with the future in mind.

It’s clear that technology has played a critical role in patient care across the healthcare industry by providing instant access to information. As TAUC continues to grow, the organization and team are well aware that their progress goes hand in hand with advancing tech.

“AI and big data will likely further improve healthcare by anticipating the needs of patients and providers and offering resources that maximize the experience.”

Kelvin Liang, EMT and Physician Facilitator