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AI Recruiting is the Future of Staffing

by | Nov 27, 2018

How Capacity is streamlining the search for the perfect candidate.

The recruiting industry is no stranger to artificial intelligence. In fact, in some ways, it’s abound with it.

From applicant tracking systems injected with AI to the unification of company data into predictive modeling to tapping machine learning in the search for the ultimate resume —there’s no shortage of emerging technologies in the $200 billion industry, where nearly 41 million job searchers will be in the market for recruiting services each and every year.

No doubt about it, there’s a lot of slick platforms out there with a lot of valuable information to help you both find the perfect candidate and manage the overall recruiting process.

But the question is: How do you get to all that great information?

Do you still need to log in? Do you still need to navigate multiple pages across multiple interfaces with little to no mobile access? Do you still need to switch between this software and that app to find and nurture the right candidate for the job?

With Capacity, all those hurdles to information are a thing of the past. And in the recruiting industry, where it’s all about speed and efficiency…

“Every manual step that can be streamlined or eliminated represents a direct cost savings.”

Matt Fischer

President and CTO of Bullhorn


“Every time you can eliminate a click, you save time and money.”

Paul Bickford

Director of Enterprise Systems at Apex Systems

So, it’s no surprise that the pursuit of saving time and money make up the top three priorities of the recruiting industry.

Recruiting Top Priorities Bullhorn Bullhorn’s 2018 North American Staffing & Recruiting Trends Report

Now, imagine for a second that you’re a recruiter. For the overwhelming majority of those reading who have never been a recruiter, this quote from Jason Helm at Herefish should paint a pretty clear picture: “A good recruiter will talk to at least 100 people a day. Even a bad recruiter will talk to 50 people.”

You want to be on the phone with prospects, filling your candidate pipeline. You want to be meeting with candidates to shepherd them along the interview process. You want to be sitting down with clients to find out how you can fulfill their recruitment needs.

What don’t you want?

You don’t want to be wasting any time with cumbersome silos of candidate, client and company information. You simply don’t the have time to log into and search Bullhorn—the number one recruiting software—for a candidate every time you need to talk to them, every time you need to update their information and every time you need to add a task to their profile.

Anything that will enable you to spend less time searching for and managing information, and more time on the phone or in front of your candidates and clients is going to have a huge impact your bottom line.

And this is exactly where Capacity comes in.

Capacity is working hard to innovate AI recruiting. We give recruiters instant access to their candidate pipeline and client roster, no matter where they are—whether they’re at their desk or on the road for a face-to-face…

(Before rebranding, Capacity previously did business as Jane.ai.)

Recruiting - Ari

Staying up-to-date with their candidates has never been easier… Recruiting - Elizabeth

And all the information they need to excel in their work is now at their fingertips…

Recruiting - William

Capacity is already hard at work for the folks at KellyMitchell, a forward-thinking technical staffing firm headquartered here in St. Louis, Missouri.

KellyMitchell team members now have their very own AI-powered teammate to take some of the work out of their work. They’re enjoying instant access to their candidate pipeline, to their client roster, to all the information they need to more efficiently do their jobs.

What’s more, an additional Microsoft Office 365 integration grants them instant access to every critical company document, spreadsheet, and file of any kind. On top of that, a tribal knowledge base seamlessly connects everyone at the company with the type of information (e.g., “Who here likes Indian food?”) that never seemed to live anywhere but in the minds of the team.

With the help of Capacity, recruiting companies like KellyMitchell are crossing the threshold into the 21st century by harnessing the power of AI to provide a superior candidate and client experience and, most importantly, to fill roles faster.