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Raise your brokerage’s equity with tech.


What could a boost in your brokerage’s capacity do for your bottom line?

an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a brokerage related question

Keep up with cutting edge technology.

Customers expect seamless experiences and are increasingly willing to go to non-traditional firms to get them.

Capacity is a state-of-the-art, AI-powered knowledge sharing platform. Built on a conversational tech stack, Capacity’s innovative technology helps you retain clients and nurture leads, which equates to a direct impacting your bottom line.

a customer asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a brokerage question
an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform for a file but being denied access for security purposes

A system that respects your client’s data.

An icon of a lock to represent safety and security

Scale securely

We intentionally describe ourselves as a secure AI native knowledge sharing platform. There are lots of tools that try to streamline your workflow and make it easier to access information that you need, but very few of them take on the difficulty of building their system to scale securely.

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Trusted by Finserv

There’s a reason so many of our clients are in financial services—they recognize our ability to build an incredibly advanced and intuitive tool that also gives their information security and compliance teams peace of mind.

Retain your best agents, secure your future.

With younger generations of workers demanding more and more technology from their workplaces, it’s getting difficult for traditional brick and mortar brokerages to attract and retain young talent.

Give your employees industry-leading AI technology to make their workflows easier and more efficient. You’ll be happy they’re staying, and they’ll be happy they’ve got the tools they need to compete in the 21st century.

screenshot of a phone showing multiple notifications from the capacity app