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Encompass is a cloud-based digital mortgage solution designed for midsize to large enterprises. The solution helps lenders track loan applications, manage compliance and optimize risks.

Encompass commands in Capacity:

  • Show all my loans
  • What loans are closing this week?
  • Has the appraisal been scheduled ___ loan?
  • View the ( last name / street name ) loan
  • Who is insurance agent on __ file?
  • What is my pricing on ___ loan?
  • Is the (last name/address) loan in underwriting?
  • What outstanding conditions have to be cleared for the (last name/address) loan?
  • How much cash is needed to bring to closing for __ loan?
  • What’s the (email, phone, contact info) for (borrower name)
  • Have figures been sent for the (last name/address) loan?
  • When did we receive the borrowers consent for the ___ loan?
  • Have disclosures been sent for the ____ loan?
  • What documents are expiring for ____’s loan?
  • What docs are missing for the ____ loan?
  • Have initials disclosures been sent? OR When was LE sent?
  • What is the address for the x loan? OR what is subject address ___ loan?
  • What is term on ___ loan?
  • Who is referral source?
  • What is expiration date?

Encompass Features:

  • All-in-one design: Solutions for every aspect of your business, from a single system of record
  • Industry-leading technology that powers more than 40% of residential lending transactions in the United States
  • Open and extensible: Access APIs, private data lakes and the largest partner network in the industry
  • Customized for you: Fully configurable for any lending channel without having to write code
  • Built-in document management and compliance: Manage docs, signatures, and minimize audit risk