A one-stop-shop alternative to Tonkean.

Build APIs to your proprietary apps and access our 50+ app integrations.

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Capacity vs. Tonkean

How does Capacity stack up?

Attended Automation
Code-Free Development
Drag-and-Drop UI
Integration into Third-Party Apps
Coming Soon!
Native HelpDesk
Process Builder
Unattended Automation

All your apps in one place.

Capacity’s 40+ proprietary and industry-standard AI and ML algorithms are always learning—pinpointing weak spots, finding new opportunities for improvement, and ceaselessly fine-tuning its role in your organization based upon the needs of your team.

  • Under one roof

    Whether Capacity’s universally available apps, those from third-party publishers, or the apps your team has developed—everything is in one place.

  • You can do it

    If you can toggle an on-off button, you can manage the API connections to your organization’s mission-critical apps. Capacity is suitable for any team member’s abilities.

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