Ever talked to a spreadsheet?

With LiveSheets, you’ll simply ask your spreadsheets for the knowledge you need.

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You may never have to look at a spreadsheet again.

Capacity’s LiveSheet technology automatically generates dynamic exchanges from spreadsheets. From now on, don’t search, just ask.

How to speak spreadsheet.

Our state-of-the-art natural language processing translates common questions into lookup commands, searching your spreadsheet and surfacing the exact knowledge you need in seconds.

As simple as copying a link, pasting it, and pressing return.

Just copy and paste your spreadsheet link into the CoPilot Console, and a series of exchanges will automatically populate based upon its column headers and rows.

When Capacity isn't sure, it makes sure, so you can be sure.

  • Questioning a question

    Some questions sound alike, but have very different answers. Capacity’s clarifier makes sure you get the knowledge you’re looking for, every time.

  • Cutting through the noise

    For massive portfolios of similar sounding products, pinpointing exactly what your team members need is critical.

Spreadsheets change. LiveSheets don't.

A LiveSheet is evergreen. Whenever the data in your spreadsheet changes, the answers you’ll receive will change along with it.

  • Always accurate, always secure

    The Capacity knowledge base will actually check the live source Google Sheet every time the question is asked. It will always pull the freshest version of the answer, no caching necessary.

  • Ease and peace of mind

    No updating the knowledge base each time the data in a spreadsheet changes. You can always rest easy knowing that you, your team, and your clients are getting the correct answers.