An alternative to SearchUnify that keeps you connected.

Easily connect to your content sources with APIs built via our developer platform.

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Capacity vs. SearchUnify

How does Capacity stack up?

Faceted Search/Filtering
Full-Text Search
Fuzzy Search
Machine Learning
Text Analytics

All your apps in one place.

Capacity makes everything—captured tacit knowledge, mined documents and spreadsheets, and over 50 popular apps—instantly accessible through chat.

Need a company policy from your HRIS, the status of a lead from your CRM, or the updated investor deck from your cloud drive? Just ask Capacity.

  • Under one roof

    Whether Capacity’s universally available apps, those from third-party publishers, or the apps your team has developed—everything is in one place.

  • You can do it

    If you can toggle an on-off button, you can manage the API connections to your organization’s mission-critical apps. Capacity is suitable for any team member’s abilities.

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