Capacity x Webcast: How to Boost Your HR Team’s Productivity by 35%

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  • March 31, 2020
  • 11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET

The average employee wastes 35% of their day searching for information throughout the organization. Because HR teams are the central hub for employee information, this percentage could be even higher for HR professionals compared to non-HR employees.

This is a huge problem that many organizations and HR teams just accept as a reality. At Capacity, we’re not willing to accept this reality and we don’t think other organizations should either. To combat disconnected orgs and overworked HR teams, we’ve made it a priority to identify where knowledge typically lives in an organization—apps, files, and tacit knowledge. Then, we developed an AI-powered tool to centralize it all.

We’ve found that Capacity’s platform is especially helpful for HR teams that operate as the de facto FAQ machine. Answering repetitive and level 0 questions stop them from focusing on the things that really matter: guiding company culture and increasing team member satisfaction.

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What you’ll learn:

In our webinar, you’ll learn how our AI-powered tool can help your HR team:

  • Decrease time spent finding, updating, and sharing company knowledge to improve the employee experience. 
  • Shorten onboarding for new employees and make them more productive early in their tenure by providing faster access to company information.
  • Offer quick and reliable answers to employees’ common questions.

Webcast Hosts:

  • Justin Schmidt
    VP of Marketing
  • Kyle Hubert
    Account Executive

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