A Pega Platform alternative that’s easy to master and deploy.

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Capacity vs. Pega Platform

How does Capacity stack up?

Attended Automation
Code-Free Development
Drag-and-Drop UI
Integration into Third-Party Apps
Coming Soon!
Native HelpDesk
Process Builder
Unattended Automation

You’re unique. Capacity’s agile.

We can deploy Capacity quickly—our platform will be delivering ROI for your org in just a couple of weeks.

First, our Client Success Team will help you assemble all the key resources we’ll need to get you up and running. This will include collecting key documents, getting access to APIs, and assigning CoPilot resources.

Next, our engineers will connect Capacity to your apps, leverage its patent-pending tech to mine your documents and spreadsheets, and employ our AI-assisted knowledge base to begin both populating and capturing your org’s tacit knowledge.

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