An alternative to ManageEngine that escalates support.

Capacity tracks all support tickets and completes the menial tickets for your IT team. 

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Capacity vs. ManageEngine Service Desk Plus

How does Capacity stack up?

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Automated Routing
Customizable Branding
Document Mining
Email Integration
Interaction Tracking
Knowledge Base Management
Multi-Channel Communication
Network Monitoring
Real-TIme Chat
Self-Service Portal
Ticket Management

Shift left.

The more questions you can answer automatically, the less you have to escalate issues to Tier 2 and Tier 3 support—which costs significantly more.

Let Capacity act as your Tier 0 support, instantly and perpetually answering your teams’ most frequently asked questions.

Our machine learning models ensure that Capacity will be able to handle more complex questions over time, meaning the more IT uses it, the more IT can shift left—freeing up valuable time and resources for the whole department.

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