Capacity is at the top of the class.

Knowledge sharing for institutions of knowledge.

Truly interdisciplinary.

What kind of learning experience could your university offer with all its knowledge instantly accessible in one location?

  • No more institutionalized silos

    The vast majority of departments at universities are still operating as silos. Capacity unlocks the departmental knowledge spread across the institution.

  • Making knowledge fluid

    Capacity’s AI-powered knowledge sharing platform introduces a new educational paradigm, where knowledge can move freely between every department of the university.

An AI-powered higher learning experience.

  • Streamlining your success

    Capacity automates all the processes that keep higher learning institutions advancing. Whether making it easier for students to get aid or streamlining research grant applications, your university will be stronger than ever.

  • Faculty can get back to teaching

    The tedious, repeatable work that faculty begrudgingly preforms can take a toll. With Capacity’s developer platform, you can completely automate faculty’s paperwork so they can get back to what they’re passionate about.

Stop telling students it’s in the syllabus.

Any course-related questions professors normally receive—grading scale, project details, due dates—can now be answered instantly by Capacity.

  • Knowledge on command

    Rather than deflecting students to a document, intranet source, or IT help desk, give them a resource that has the capacity to answer all their questions, instantly.

  • Nothing lost in translation

    Capacity uses state-of-the-art AI and natural language processing to understand students’ questions and get them the answer they need, whenever they need it.