Illustration of a support agent wearing a headset and sitting at a computer. Abstract shapes swirl around his head to depict the use of an AI-powered helpdesk.

Customer Support Tools

To help improve customer interactions with your brand, it helps to provide customer service tools that your intended recipients can and will actually use. Some of these tools might include live chat, customer portals, and even mobile apps. This is the age of the empowered consumer, and companies are following suit.

In terms of making purchasing decisions, customers are more active than ever. So, customers are looking for the types of tools that will ensure they are empowered to make thoughtful purchases. If your business provides those tools, you can increase the opportunity of creating great customer experiences and generating brand advocates.

The following support tools will empower your target audience, delivering a superior customer experience and ultimately improving your bottom line:

Helpdesk/helpdesk software: As previously covered, these are designed to make sure your customer gets quick and accurate answers. With a helpdesk, you can track issues from start to finish. Customers can also receive progress reports via a helpdesk ticketing service. Moreover, with the integration of artificial intelligence, you can ensure anticipatory service or predictive support.

Image of the ticket list from the Capacity Helpdesk

Call center software: Call center software can be essential for certain companies, as it can help manage multiple channels of communication, for example, voice, email, and even SMS.

Knowledge base: This can serve as a deep source of data for your customers. One of the added benefits of a knowledge base is that they can add significant customer service value without a premium price tag. Many customers seek out online information before seeking human help. By providing FAQs, how-to-articles, and user manuals, customers will start to leverage your website as a trusted resource.

Live chat: An increasing number of consumers are shopping online. Some of them will occasionally need the type of online support that only another human can provide. You can facilitate a positive online experience with live chat options that are tailored to your business offerings and your customers’ needs.

Chat transferred to a live agent

Company wiki: Like your company’s business memory, the company wiki can offer expertise that is organized in one place. Wikis aren’t only flexible, they’re also easy to edit. This support tool works best for internal employees, as they can access this portal as needed, and even add files or update the content.

Artificial intelligence: There are a myriad of enterprise AI use cases, and customer support is no exception. For example, when applied to helpdesks, AI can instantly decipher a request and completely automate the lower support levels. Additionally, supplementary machine learning can assure that AI learns and improves over time. This breakthrough technology can help your support team resolve tickets at a fraction of the time and cost they would normally require.

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