A Guru knowledge base alternative that speaks your language.

No need to learn any special search tricks. AI and natural language processing will make the connection for you.

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Algorithms here, algorithms there, algorithms everywhere.

Finding the knowledge that you need shouldn’t be a guessing game. The 40+ industry-standard and proprietary algorithms in our machine learning ensemble empower Capacity to interpret and answer a wide array of inquiries.

  • We get what you’re trying to say.

    Our algorithms leverage spell checking, word importance, entity recognition, term frequency, acronym translation, vectorization in semantic hyperplanes—we could go on.

  • And if we don’t get it, we soon will.

    Each time Capacity receives positive or negative user feedback, our machine learning and neural networks leverage that data to continuously
    improve the model.

Capacity vs. Guru

How does Capacity stack up?

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Document Mining
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Knowledge Base Management
Native Helpdesk
Native Workflow Builder
Self-Service Portal

Capacity vs. Guru: A head-to-head matchup. 

When it comes to comparisons, we’re here to compete. See exactly how our knowledge management solutions stand up against Guru. 

Adding content.

Guru has an editor to import and format information, and users can also write from scratch.

Capacity enables teams to upload content to the knowledge base with our easy-to-use template and write in question and answer pairs (exchanges) from scratch. 

Accessing and sharing content where you work.

Guru has a built-in Slack integration, which enables teams to pull information from Slack conversations and directly add to the knowledge base in Guru. 

Capacity integrates with countless communication tools including Slack. Regardless if you work in Slack or Teams, you can ask Capacity your question directly in your communication platform of choice and receive instant answers.  Adding information into Capacity’s console only takes a few simple steps.

Storing information on the web. 

Guru has a browser extension that enables users to add information from a website to your knowledge base. 

Capacity has LivePages technology that enables users to transform any page of your company’s site into a full-fledged conversation, instantly and easily accessible in natural language, day or night.

Webpages often change, and sometimes dramatically. Capacity is smart enough to understand if the copy has changed on the website and if it applies to the question. If the answer has substantially changed, Capacity will send the CoPilot a notice.

Integrating with tools. 

Guru and Capacity both integrate with mission-critical apps, so all the information you need is accessible in one place.

Capacity also has a Developer Platform, so you can easily build integrations with your proprietary apps as well. 

Organizing your knowledge.

Guru uses Collections, Boards, Groups, and Cards as options for organization. 

In Capacity, users can store all information as a question-and-answer pair, which we call exchanges. These exchanges can be stored in folders, files, dialogues, exchanges, and inquiries. You can also filter through knowledge by status, date, topic, department, etc. 

When you want to keep things under wraps, Set access permissions by department, role, geolocation, team member, website visitor, etc.

Finding subject matter expertise.

Guru uses AI to suggest the best person within your organization to help you edit or add content. They also show you the last person to input or edit an answer and the date it was modified. 

Capacity’s Expert Finder technology uses AI and machine learning to pull dynamic information from an internal knowledge graph to direct you to the experts in your organization when you have a question that isn’t answered in the knowledge base.

Within our console, you can also see the last person to input or edit an answer and the date and time it was modified. 

Providing analytics. 

Guru will show you who is and isn’t viewing content, what content your team is using, and help you improve the content management within your knowledge base with AI. 

Capacity shows total inquiries, total sessions, all the total active users, an average response time, and overall match rate on a trend line. With our Feedback Analytics, you can also view the percentage of inbounds, total inbounds, total feedback inquiries, positive feedback inquiries, and negative feedback inquiries.

With this feedback, Capacity’s dynamic conversation archive you can pinpoint the exchanges that need tweaking and improvement. 

Locating knowledge. 

Guru uses tags to categorize your content when you search for it later.

Capacity enables you to effortlessly search (and find) company knowledge via chat if you can’t remember exactly where you saved it.

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