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KWS: The Science of Feeding the World

Founded in 1856 in Klein Wanzleben, KWS has been a world-class supplier of agricultural seed for over 160 years. From their headquarters—now located in Einbeck, Lower Saxony, Germany, KWS has grown to an enterprise-class operation with revenue exceeding $1 billion annually.



KWS is dedicated to its vision of adopting future challenges in agriculture actively and early and investing heavily in research and breeding.

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By harnessing the power of science and technology, KWS makes it possible for farmers around the world to maintain productive, profitable businesses.

This forward-thinking approach empowers its customers to supply food to a significant portion of the world, and has solidified KWS’s position as one of the top seed manufacturers. 

With upward of 6,000 teammates serving core markets in North and South America, Germany, Europe, and China, knowledge management is a core tenet of KWS’s success. From product roadmapping to customer support, optimizing communication between teams, programs, and leadership is crucial to its long-term objectives.

One of the four core values of KWS includes vision. “We adopt future challenges in agriculture actively and early and invest heavily in research and breeding,” is stated boldly on the website. To keep this vision alive, leadership at KWS turned to Capacity to lower the barrier to tacit knowledge, critical data, and the information held within their various software solutions. 

Bringing AI into agriculture. 

As a global organization where information is spread out among offices spanning different continents, KWS needed a user-friendly platform to centralize it all. Through a chat window embedded in users’ preferred communication medium (Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more), KWS staff can use Capacity to instantly access knowledge from anywhere with an internet connection. 

For perspective, some estimates show that the average employee spends roughly 30% of their workday simply looking for information.

When scaled to an organization the size of KWS, the lost productivity caused by information silos is excessive and expensive. Fortunately, Capacity has a myriad of tools designed to eliminate this bottleneck. 

Instant answers, connected teammates. 

Engineered to capture and connect all siloed organizational knowledge, Capacity’s enterprise search tool places vast amounts of data right at KWS’s employees’ fingertips. By chatting with the embedded bot, teams can search programs, spreadsheets, documents, and stored tacit knowledge in seconds to find answers to their questions. 

Best of all, easily arranged permission structures ensure that sensitive information is only accessed by those who need it—and no one else. 

Beyond search, Capacity’s powerful combination of natural language processing (NLP) and guided conversation templates make knowledge access intuitive for KWS staff. Even if a teammate isn’t sure of the exact verbiage, NLP understands the intent behind each inquiry. 

Through a series of clarifying follow-up questions, a guided conversation helps the user arrive at the answer they’re really after. 

At an organization the size of KWS, these user-friendly systems can return thousands of hours per week in lost productivity!

Lastly, a key objective for KWS leadership was to seamlessly deploy the AI tools offered through Capacity within Microsoft Office—a software suite critical to daily operations. Through an extensive set of integrations, Capacity now serves the KWS team as a digital assistant for dozens of Microsoft Office functions, including:

  1. Scheduling meetings within the Calendar for Business tool.
  2. Mining user’s Onedrive for individual assets.
  3. Searching, sending, and filtering emails within Office 365.
  4. Finding contact information for key stakeholders and SMEs within the org chart.

Growing an evergreen knowledge base.

Long-term, KWS has its sights set on utilizing Capacity to build an extensive knowledge base—compiling and centralizing priceless insights that might have otherwise fallen by the wayside. Through machine learning (ML) Capacity is already automating a great deal of this effort—with more knowledge being added manually in the form of docs, spreadsheets, and custom exchanges. 

A partnership with real impact.

As KWS continues to innovate for the world’s food supply, its need for centralized knowledge will become even more critical. As a centralized hub for storing and accessing information, Capacity will empower the KWS team with the information they need to make mission-critical decisions, and compete on the global stage. 

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