A Fully-Supported Customer Journey.

Experience automation, algorithms, and all-around assistance.

You’re unique. Capacity’s agile.

AI training isn’t something that many of our customers are prepared for. Our onboarding process was created to ensure we can deploy Capacity quickly in any situation. 

Our Customer Success Team will help you assemble all of the information we’ll need to get you up and running. This includes collecting key documents, accessing APIs, and assigning CoPilot resources.

Our engineers will connect Capacity to your apps, leverage our patent-pending tech to mine your documents and spreadsheets, and employ our AI-assisted knowledge base to begin populating and storing your org’s tacit knowledge.


Discover the entire customer onboarding process.
“The Capacity team is dedicated to its clients' success. Other providers want customers to conform to a rigid platform, or they emphasize technology over the ability to generate value for end-users. Capacity is more of a partner than a provider, which aligns well with our own corporate culture."
Sanjay Dutt
Global Head, Capability Development & Business HR Lead at EXL

While you learn Capacity, Capacity learns your org.

It’s just as important for Capacity to understand how your organization works as it is for your team to understand how Capacity operates.

As your team adds content to the knowledge base and begins interacting with Capacity, more than 40 proprietary and industry-standard AI and ML algorithms will work to pinpoint any weak spots and opportunities for improvement.

But we don’t only take feedback from our algorithms, we want feedback from you. Our feedback process empowers your team to easily thumb up/down any response from the system for improvement.


Uncover the nitty-gritty details of our NLP.
“The more we use Capacity, the better it gets at answering questions, which means we can proactively use our support staff to encourage the use of Capacity and enhance the knowledge base to support more and more inquiries.”
Lara Rausch
VP of Products and Training at PRMG

And, lift-off.

Deploy where you want and place Capacity wherever your team and customers can access it. Capacity interfaces with messaging apps, intranets, helpdesks, and consumer-facing websites.

Capacity also integrates with 50+ applications. In almost every scenario, our integrations reduce the time it takes to log in to a system and search for information because Capacity instantly pulls and provides information when your team or customer asks. 

Got proprietary apps that you want to connect with? No problem. Build out your own app integrations and skills with our Developer Platform.


Explore our current integrations and interfaces.
“A game-changer. Capacity allows us to meet our customers wherever they want to be met from a customer service standpoint. By providing customers with a self-service platform they can access 24/7, we can differentiate our company.”
Michael Brenning
President of Wholesale Lending at Amerisave