The shortest distance between you and state-of-the-art AI.

Go live with Capacity in as little as 30 days.

You’re unique, Capacity’s agile.

Implementing Capacity is a lot like onboarding a new team member. It needs to learn the ropes, fast. We get Capacity up-to-speed and delivering ROI for your org by training it on your organizational knowledge within a couple of weeks.

This valuable knowledge lives in your apps, documents and spreadsheets, and in the minds of your team.

We connect Capacity to your apps, leverage its patent pending tech to mine your documents and spreadsheets, and employ our AI-assisted knowledge base to begin populating and capturing your org’s tacit knowledge.

You’ve got feedback, we’ve got algorithms.

As we are aggregating all your organization’s knowledge, we’re simultaneously initiating our exhaustive training processes. Capacity’s 40+ proprietary and industry standard AI and ML algorithms work to pinpoint any weak spots and opprtunities for improvement.

But we don’t just want feedback from our algorithms, want feedback from you. Our feedback process empowers your team to easily thumb up/down any response from the system. This feedback is sent directly to both CoPilots (your org’s admins) and our proprietary ML models for constant improvement.

Never satisfied, always perfecting.

Just like you, our AI-powered knowledge sharing platform is always learning, always finding new ways to improve. Capacity is ceaselessly fine-tuning its role in your organization based upon the needs of your people.

Your team members will be providing feedback with every answered question. Your org’s admins will be influencing the platform’s machine learning and responsiveness based upon how they choose to curate the knowledge base.

What’s more, the Capacity team is always improving, always pushing itself to deliver an even better experience for your org. We know we’ve got a great product, but that’s not enough. We’re on a mission for maximum capacity.