The shortest distance between you and AI.

Go live with Capacity in as little as 30 days.

You’re unique. Capacity’s agile.

We can deploy Capacity quickly—our platform will be delivering ROI for your org in just a couple of weeks.

First, our Client Success Team will help you assemble all the key resources we’ll need to get you up and running. This will include collecting key documents, getting access to APIs, and assigning CoPilot resources.

Next, our engineers will connect Capacity to your apps, leverage its patent-pending tech to mine your documents and spreadsheets, and employ our AI-assisted knowledge base to begin both populating and capturing your org’s tacit knowledge.

While you learn Capacity, Capacity learns your org.

Capacity’s 40+ proprietary and industry-standard AI and ML algorithms will work to pinpoint any weak spots and opportunities for improvement.

But we don’t just want feedback from our algorithms, we want feedback from you. Our feedback process empowers your team to easily thumb up/down any response from the system.

Typically, organizations will participate in 2-4 hour-long training sessions. All feedback generated is sent directly to your org’s admins and our NLP and ML models for refinement.

And, lift-off.

Deploy where you want—on Slack, Symphony, Microsoft Teams, via the Capacity Web Concierge, or all of the above.

Capacity is always learning, always finding new ways to improve, and ceaselessly fine-tuning its role in your organization based upon the needs of your people.

What’s more, the Capacity team itself is always improving, always pushing itself to deliver an even better experience for your org.

We know we’ve got a great product, but that’s not enough. We’re on a mission for maximum capacity.