How does customer satisfaction and customer expectation link?

Customer experience (CX) can be greatly improved with the right chat solution in place—and   AI-powered chatbots are making it easier than ever. Primarily, the option to submit questions via chat improves CX simply by making help more accessible. Unlike headache-inducing phone menus or trips to a physical location, chat allows customers and companies to connect from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Additionally, AI-powered chatbots are bolstering support teams at a rapid pace with state-of-the-art CX tools. Unlike the simpler rule-based chatbots of only a few years ago, these artificially intelligent bots understand the intent behind customer questions, know which follow-up questions to ask, and can detect when a client should be connected to a live person. 

As CX expectations increase, more companies are expected to adopt AI-powered chatbots to reinforce and augment their human support staff.