A Confluence alternative without limitations.

Dozens of out-of-the-box app integrations and a robust Developer Platform mean absolute extensibility.

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Capacity vs. Confluence

How does Capacity stack up?

Content Management
Decision Tree
Document Mining
Full Text Search
Knowledge Base Management
Native Helpdesk
Native Workflow Builder
Third party
Self-Service Portal

Capacity's LiveSheet tech keeps your knowledge evergreen.

Whenever data in your spreadsheet changes or the content in your documents gets updated, the answers you’ll receive will change along with it.

  • Always accurate, always secure.

    The Capacity knowledge base will actually check the live source every time the question is asked. It will always pull the freshest version of the answer, no caching necessary.

  • Ease and peace of mind.

    No updating the knowledge base each time the data changes. You can always rest easy knowing that you, your team, and your clients are getting the correct answers.

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