A Centralpoint alternative for all.

 Intuitive and modern UI that empowers every user regardless of experience level.

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Capacity vs. Centralpoint

How does Capacity stack up?

Faceted Search/Filtering
Full-Text Search
Fuzzy Search
Machine Learning
Text Analytics

No developer? No problem.

  • A place for everyone

    Whether you’re a developer who wants to go in and tinker around, a business analyst looking to get data from multiple places, or an admin who just wants to manage Capacity’s skills, our Developer Platform is for everyone.

  • In and out

    Edit Capacity’s app skills, regulate who has access to them, or even deprecate the skills entirely. No matter what you need to do, you can do it, no dev team required. Easily tailor your AI-powered knowledge sharing platform to suit your org’s needs, and get back to business.

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