A BMC FootPrints alternative that doesn’t make you search for tickets.

All your tickets should live in one central location and come with comprehensive details. 

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Capacity vs. BMC FootPrints

How does Capacity stack up?

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Automated Routing
Customizable Branding
Document Mining
Email Integration
Interaction Tracking
Knowledge Base Management
Multi-Channel Communication
Network Monitoring
Real-TIme Chat
Self-Service Portal
Ticket Management

Capacity’s brain is the heart of your organization.

Your IT Team can effortlessly pinpoint information from internal and external inquiries, documents, spreadsheets, and website pages to make sure every ticket is efficiently closed.

  • Access expansive knowledge

    Capacity stores your org’s knowledge in dialogues, which provides you with unmatched question-and-answer exchanges.

  • Make updates as they occur

    Quickly and easily update your information when it’s convenient for you, so your team always has the answers they need.

  • Find what you need, now

    Searching for tickets on other solutions is tedious. Capacity’s helpdesk is neatly and intuitively organized, so you can always find the ticket details you need.

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